Song of the Day 10/31/2011 “In Motion”

In Motion © 2011 Andy Harrison Man this world is changing Seams like every single day I can’t predict nothin’ Not like yesterday   And everybody’s talkin’ Like the world’s fallin’ apart I don’t know about all that Just lookin’ for a place to start   Chorus: I just gotta stay Stay in motion Be the catalyst of change Order from the commotion Gotta do what I need to Find […]

Your True Power

Your True Power  Here are some random insights today inspired by Eckhart Tolle Your true power as a human = the power of your attention There are 2 main things you can focus your attention on in life: 1)    Your story and/or 2)    The process of living Your story = A) Your life situation                      B) Your history                      C) Your imagined future   D) The character that […]

Song of the Day “All Together” 10/17/2011

All Together © 2011 Andy Harrison  People of the world are marching  Shouting out for true change  Smell the sweat, feel the hunger  Time is now we got to rearrange Chorus:  We’re gonna get it all together  We’re gonna turn it all around  We’re gonna get it all together  Growing loud can you hear the sound?  People of the world are angry  Speaking out telling the truth  Breathe in the […]

Song of the Day “Little Bit Wiser” 10/10/2011

Here’s the song I wrote today inspired by the occupy the FED and occupy wallstreet movements Little Bit Wiser © 2011 Andy Harrison  We’re out on the Pavement We’re out in the crowd You can hear us shouting Sound’s growing loud We smell the anger We feel the discontent Hungry for truth And our message to be sent Chorus: We’re doing alright We’re doing O.K. A little bit wiser than […]

Song of the Day “Bridge Between Bliss”

Here’s the song I wrote today:   The Bridge Between Bliss © Andy Harrison 2011   Maybe I think too much Maybe I don’t let go Maybe I feel too stressed Maybe I just don’t know   Maybe I want too much Or maybe not enough Maybe I try too hard Maybe it’s not that tough   Chorus: I’m looking for answers I’m looking for clues The bridge between bliss […]

Happiness and Success

Happiness and Success When you ask people what they want in life, two very common answers are happiness and success. Our brains being the busy little file clerks that they are, seem to want to break apart our experience of living and put it in nice little categories. Our brains then seem to love to attach some sort of meaning, a hierarchy of importance and then the fun part – […]

Song of the Day “Soul Making a Sound”

Here’s the song I wrote today Soul Making a Sound © 2011 Andy Harrison I’ve felt the breath of babies And I’ve heard their newborn cries I’ve touched their warm hearts beating Seen the cosmos in their eyes I’ve tasted all their victories Smelled fear in their defeats The time is coming quickly For all to be complete Chorus: Nothing here can stop me Nothing can slow me down I’m […]

Understanding Balance in 7 Bullet Points

So I’ve been struck with the tremendous gifts of learning through making mistakes recently. Here are a few things that have hit me today  1) All life is governed by natural laws  2) Balance in life is achieved by living between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns.           A)  The law of atrophy means that things are either growing  or   deteriorating ; they are never static. That means that if you are […]