Song of the Day: Or Becomes And

Or Becomes And ©2012 Andy Harrison We are the changing in motion The unfolding of stars The space holding creation The near and the far We are the sounding and silence The seen and unseen The witnessing and the witnessed And all in between Chorus: Stretching out in all directions Widening the image Mirror’s reflection Past the limits The circle expands Black and white turns to color And or becomes […]

New Card Game: Praze Craze

Here’s a card game I made up for my kids last year after a week of hearing them fight. I’ve played this with my kids, with my band and with people I just met and I’ve found that most of the time it works great to bring people together and focus on the positive. Try it out and let me know what you think. Here’s how it works: You’ll need […]

Success is Something You Do Every Day

“Success is Something You do Every Day” Andy Harrison Picture yourself as a toddler standing on the platform of your life. It’s like you are just learning to stand and keep your balance on this huge board that stretches out to either side of you and out into the future before you. Underneath the platform directly under your feet is a thin pole that runs the entire length of your […]

Song of the Day “Home”

Home © 2012 Andy Harrison I woke up this morning To another day brand new My mind already racing With all I had to do   I felt a sense of overwhelm Felt a sense of dread I looked into the mirror Heard a voice inside my head   Chorus:   All your attention Bring it back here Away from the distraction The chaos and fear All your attention Bring […]

The Thin Line © 2012 Andy Harrison Hey Samantha Let me come in Been waitin’ here for hours For you to come back-where you been? This curbside’s getting so cold See the clouds comin’ on? Swear to God just 5 minutes Then I’ll be gone Chorus: I’ve been walkin’ the thin line Between heaven and hell Where I step over Getting’ easier to tell I’ve been walkin’ the thin line Getting’ […]

How to See God?

How to See God? You’ve GOD to be kidding me! What if God is simply the process of paying attention? Pay attention to your left hand- there is God. Pay attention to your right hand –there is God. Pay attention to yourself – there is God. Pay attention to other people -there is God. Pay attention to the world -there is God. Pay attention to one religious text – there […]

Beginners Luck is not Luck it is Unfiltered Intention

Have you ever experienced what some people call beginner’s luck? If you’re like most people this has probably happened many times throughout your life;You do something (that involves some level of skill) you’ve never done before and get great results the first time and then for some reason after that you can’t seam to do it as well.  What I think is happening is that during your first attempt at […]