Song of the Day “Headed for the Breakthrough”

Headed for the Breakthrough ©2012 Andy Harrison Can’t be stuck if you’re stuck in changing Pain isn’t pain when it’s all rearranging You pay yourself when you pay attention Every day is a life extension Chorus 1:   1, 2 headed for the breakthrough 3, 4 better than before 5, 6 see how it all clicks So quick brand new Headed for the breakthrough  __________________ You get what you want […]

Song of the Day “Invented”

Invented © 2012 Andy Harrison From the day you were born they put you in a box Trained your mind to define under key and lock Your identity formed from predefined scripts So your future’s controlled and your wings are clipped Chorus: There are better choices than the ones presented If you want a better life it’s got to be invented You grew up being told you have freedom to […]

I’m FREE I’m FREE I’m FREE!!! Get Shine On and share it for Free!

Yes I’ve decided to FREE the music and make the entire “Shine On” CD available to everyone through a creative commons license. What does that mean? It means you can have any or all the songs on the “Shine On” CD completely for free AND you can give them to as many people as you want for free AND you can use them as the background for videos, presentations, do […]

Song of the Day “Reset Button”

Reset Button © 2012 Andy Harrison Out fox tube socks New shares of old stocks Big rocks shoe box Loading docks chicken pox Berry pie stink eye Reason why the birds fly Heavy sigh live or die Just do don’t try Chorus: New doors open Old ones shuttin’ Everyday hit the reset button Sky wide open Old chains cuttin’ Everyday hit the reset button Live free old decree Eye see […]

Song of the Day “Love is Freedom”

Love is Freedom © 2012 Andy Harrison Way back past the foothills End of a dirt road She grew up with 7 brothers And a lawn never mowed She would hide in the sage brush From her Dad’s whiskey breath Praying black crows were angels And right would turn left Chorus: Love is freedom Freedom is love If they don’t feel like the same thing Ain’t got what you’re thinkin’ […]

Thought for the Day “The Positive Gift of the New World Order?”

  Regardless of how you feel about the people behind the current financial, governmental, corporate and social systems that have been in place for the past 100 years, you have to marvel at these people’s ability to design incredibly effective systems. If you understand how all the above mentioned systems work together and were designed to produce specific results, the designs, in my opinion, are nothing short of miraculous. These […]

Song of the Day “Way More Love”

Way More Love © 2012 Andy Harrison When you open up your eyes And see the world brand new And all the lies you used to live in You suddenly see through The horror in the knowing All you didn’t know before Can rattle all your safety Can shake you at your core Chorus: Way more love Way more love Got to give yourself way more love World can tear […]

Andy Harrison Band This Friday in Downtown Portland

Come Join the Andy Harrison Band this friday in Downtwon Portland at: Where: Vie De Bohème Winery, 1530 Southeast 7th Avenue Portland, OR 97214 When: Friday March 9th at 9PM How Much: $5 per person, $8 for 2 people.  The first 10 people (or couples) to show up get a free signed copy of the new CD Andy Harrison Solo Acoustic Volume 2 We will be playing a boat load […]