Thought For the Day: Total Certainty

The one thing you can always have total certainty about is what energy you are choosing to be in now. Knowing that the energy you are choosing to be in is what is creating everything you will experience, this is all you need to have certainty about right now. If you let go of your brain’s 2 habits of 1) trying to predict what will happen and 2) holding onto […]

Thought For The Day: The Unhappiness Formula: How To Be Completely Miserable in 2 Easy Steps.

If you are like a lot of people, you’re probably sick and tired of being so Goddamned happy all the time. It’s awesome day this, and incredible moment that and unbelievable life changing for the better event here – it can get downright annoying, right? I mean when is the sunshine shower ever going to stop? You probably just want to get away from it all and relax in the […]

Thought For The Day: So What Really Matters?

When we ask this question, aren’t we really asking “what really causes matter to be a certain way?”. Aren’t we asking what will make a real difference in the matter (the stuff) that I experience? When you choose between two options, aren’t you really choosing the option you think will create the most optimal arrangement of the stuff you will experience? So before we decide to put our time and […]