Thought For The Day: The Love Formula

The Love Formula We’ve all heard phrases like “all you need is love” and “love is the answer” and ‘the power of love” etc. While we may feel there is some underlying hidden truth to these statements, for many, that truth can get overshadowed by images of stupid romantic comedy stereotypes or our last less than perfect romantic relationship etc. But what if statements like these are really true when […]

Thought For The Day:

Your life doesn’t become perfect. You become better at noticing that life is always perfect. We are either experiencing the perfection of each moment or we are in the process of letting go of an assumption that has been limiting our ability to notice the perfection of each moment. The only difference between people’s experience of life is the speed and ease with which they do the latter. -Andy

New Song “Same Light As The Stars” (and ppsst! Upcoming Concert!)

I just finished the last recording for the next CD “Demo-Licious Volume 3” being released on June 7th! 14 new songs and even though we haven’t “officially” announced it yet, we will be doing a CD Release Concert Party that night (Saturday June 7th)! You can email for ticket info at: and I’ll make sure you get one (Our last concert sold out in a week and a half […]

The Problem With the World is The “I” Box

All the problems in the world have only one root cause. This root cause is behind every problem humans have ever faced and are currently facing now. If enough people fully understand and let go of this root cause within themselves, then the problems that currently exist will simply vanish. The root cause of all the world’s problems is what I’m calling the “I” box. The “I” box is the […]

Thought for the Day – Your Job As a Human Is:

Your job as a human is: To bring the energy of your choice to every situation. When we realize this, we can more easily let go of the idea that our role as a human is to get energy from situations. When we no longer approach situations with the expectation of getting energy from them and instead we focus on bringing the energy we want to each moment, the whole […]