Thought for the Day: How to Be in Sync With Anyone

Ever feel like you just aren’t in sync with someone who you interact with on a daily basis? This experience has been one of the major factors in human communication of all types since the beginning of speech and has resulted in everything from a mild discomfort in interacting with someone to all out wars between countries. Recent breakthroughs in the understanding of how language is organized in our brains […]

Thought for the Day: Goals? Really? These Days?

Have you been feeling frustrated about setting goals and staying motivated in moving towards them lately? You are definitely not alone. More and more people are reporting that they are finding it increasingly difficult to stay positive and motivated to work towards any goal these days. This could be due to how fast the world is changing and how quickly our available choices seam to change now. Many people are […]

Two Thoughts for the Day:

Thought for the Day 1: All hope is the hope that something will prove we are worthy of love. All fear is the fear that something will prove we are not. Happiness is experiencing the energy of love that is us that all things are made of. Happiness is who we are beyond hope and fear. Thought for the Day 2: Life is Supposed to Be Effortless Life is effortless […]

Thought for the Day: The One Conversation We All Have.

Ever feel like you’re having the same conversation with people over and over? Ever feel like you’re having the same conversation with yourself over and over? Well chances are you might very well be. In the book “Grow Happy” I introduced the idea of the Pattern of Unhappiness which is a simple four step pattern of associations that our brain makes that keeps us from continually experiencing the energy of […]