Thought for the Day: The Math of Lasting Happiness

We are brought up to separate our experience into these 3 main categories: “Me”, “Other Stuff” and “My Happiness”. “Other Stuff” is also divided into two categories “Good Other” and “Bad Other”. “Good Other”, we are taught, is any stuff that will help you get “My happiness” and “Bad Stuff” is anything that keeps you from getting “My Happiness”. We are taught that we will get “My happiness” by solving […]

Double Your Happiness in 2 Minutes by Discovering These 7 Things:

1) Happiness is the result of your attention noticing the flowing of energy though your body’s energy field. 2) Unhappiness is the result of your brain pulling your attention away from your body’s energy field and focusing it on thoughts instead. 3) The reason your brain pulls your attention away from your energy field is because it has developed two separate neural networks that create a false division in your […]

Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility CD Release Concert Party this Sat!

Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility CD Release Concert Party this Coming Saturday! This 20TH day of September, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Influence Music Hall, 125 SE 3rd Ave Hillsboro OR 97123. Come celebrate the release of our 12th CD “Solo Acoustic 4”! Tickets are $10. Email me at: or get them at the door! See you there!    

Thought for the Day: How to Turn the Impossible Into the Possible in 5 Steps

Have you been feeling like it’s getting less and less easy to make things happen in your life these days? You are definitely not alone. With so many huge and constant changes happening these days both globally and in our individual lives, many people are feeling like they have less influence over their lives than they ever have had before. This could be happening because the basic survival strategies that […]