Thought for the Day: Three Distinctions of Growth and Happiness

Have you been in a situation recently where there’s so much uncertainty that you can’t even see a point where it might get better? Maybe you have no idea how things could change so every time you think about it, it just ends up feeling overwhelming or even worse, doomed? Welcome to life in 2014. With the rate things are changing these days, you can be certain that the majority […]

How We Create All Our Problems and 5 Simple Steps to Uncreate Them Now.

What if you suddenly discovered that you have been creating every problem that you experience in your life? What if you found out that every problem, setback, upset, issue, speed bump, calamity, disaster (and the list goes on) that you have ever experienced was not caused by anyone or anything outside of yourself, but instead, was created by your own brain because it was trying to get something from it? […]

Thought for the Day: What is Happiness?

Deepak Chopra said that unhappiness is the result of not knowing who you really are. Who you really are IS the energy you are choosing to experience right now. So happiness is simply the act of noticing the energy you are choosing to experience right now and recognizing that that energy is you. Becoming happier over time is nothing more than practicing this skill to the point where you can […]

Andy Harrison and the Ambassador of Possibilities Free – Pre Concert Show

Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility Free Pre-Concert Promotion Show this Coming Friday! This 7th day of November 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Ballad Town Billiards, Pacific Avenue, Forest Grove, OR, United States Come join us while we promote our upcoming CD Release Concert Party. We’ll be performing some of the latest songs, dialing in the set and doing some free giveaways. We will have concert tickets available for […]