Why Am I Depressed? Why Do I Feel Anxious? Your Brain’s 4 Secret Reasons.

If you battle with depression or anxiety related feelings and never seam to feel like you can get beyond it for long or if you know someone who does, you are not alone. These two types of unhappiness continue to be the most common and for good reason. Some of the latest brain research is suggesting that depression and anxiety and similar emotions may be a result of a four […]

Thought for the Day

Life is an ocean of possibilities. The assumptions you hold onto about what you are good enough to do, have and be ARE your surfboard. When you recognize that you are always good enough to do, have and be anything you want, you realize that we don’t create the ocean. We simply choose the most exciting waves to surf each moment and we will do, have and be anything we […]

The Two Ways You Can Start Your Day -Above the Line or Below the Line

The Conscious Leadership Group website has a video that offers a great metaphor to determine if you are living consciously or not. They call living consciously living “above the line” and living unconsciously as “living below the line”. You can check out their site and the video here: http://conscious.is/ I love this way of putting it because it gives you a very clear way to visualize the one distinction that […]

Grow Happy Concert/Workshop in Tacoma this Saturday!

Come join us for the Grow Happy Concert/workshop this Saturday evening in Tacoma Washington! What: Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility Duo offering the Concert/Workshop “Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness” Where: Center for Spiritual Living, 206 N J Street Tacoma WA 98403 When: Saturday April 18th 7-8:30PM How Much: tickets are $15 at the door Why: Because you are awesome and you know it (clap […]

How to Be the Source of All the Love You Want and Open Yourself to Others without Getting Hurt

We’ve all had the experience of having two really strong feelings that seem to be pulling us in opposite directions. For many of us, the one area of life that this feels the strongest is in relationships. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship or a work relationship, we all have felt the desire to open up and feel closer to someone and at the same time have felt an […]

Is Political Correctness an Attempt to Cut Our Resources Off at the Source?

Is political correctness an attempt to cut our resources off at the source? For us to continually create the lives we want, and to have the things we want, we must first believe that we deserve it. We must be able to consistently access the energy – the feeling – that we are worthy of that life and those things. From that energy – that feeling – we can then […]