How to Solve All Your Problems in One Shot from the Inside Out

Through finishing the research for my next book on happiness, I’m discovering that every problem we have is essentially one overall problem.  Each person has one main over arching problem that is the template for every problem they experience in life. It’s kind of like the software for all our problems. When you uninstall the software for your problems, you also uninstall all your future problems because you have uninstalled […]

How to Cure Anxiety and Depression Forever without Drugs or Therapy

If you suffer from any form of anxiety or depression or if you know someone who does, this post will show you a three step formula to cure it and live free from these feelings forever without using drugs or going to therapy. There are three phases to the process: Phase 1: Understanding the true cause of anxiety and depression Phase 2: Understanding a true solution that really works Phase […]

Why You are a Super Hero and Why Only You Can Save the World

The problems created by all of the societal structures in our world today are happening because of one thing: a small group of people have figured out how to capitalize on human greed. These people have figured out that humanity is nothing more than an energy system that can be tapped and controlled as easily as they can drain energy from a battery and direct it to wherever they choose. […]

The Four Words that Could Change Your Life Forever

What if you had a button that you could press anytime you had a problem that would instantly dissolve the negative feelings you were feeling? What if once you pushed this button, you also had a completely different perspective on the situation and instantly started getting better ideas about how to handle it? What if the more times you pressed this button, the less problems ended up happening in the […]

Three Free New Songs!

Hi Everyone! Here are three free songs from the latest CD just released a few weeks ago. This is my 15th CD title “Acoustic 5” and it’s acoustic versions of 12 new songs. You can download your three free songs here: A quick update on some new developments: Last year I began developing a Concert / Keynote Speech that uses the main points from my book “Grow Happy!” and […]