Warning! Political Rant Ahead!

In this wonderful opportunity filed time of political discourse, I have found myself baffled by one thing: The venom with which people are sharing their points of view is what, in my opinion, is the most important story right now – way more important than who gets elected. It seams like something is in the way between our own happiness and our willingness to have a different point of view […]

How to End Drama in Your Life Forever

Drama is a result of people interacting with each other in an unhealthy way. It happens when both parties agree on one assumption: That neither person is enough. Each person assumes that they are not enough to get everything they want or need by themselves so each one tries to get what they want from the other person by playing a pretend role. In the book “Codependent No More: How […]

Thought for the Day: Are You Using Your Personal Power?

Personal power is the power to define ourselves. Whenever we have a problem, it is ultimately about our self concept wanting the power to redefine or to keep up the definition of who we are in the situation. Whenever countries or groups of people go to war with each other, it is ultimately about each group wanting the power to redefine or to keep up the idea of themselves. We all have this ability already. […]