Your Excitement is Happiness

Living a happier life is simply a matter of getting better at the skill of making the life inside you a bigger focus than the stuff and the situations in your life. When you put more of your attention on the life inside you than you put on the stuff and situations in your life, you automatically have a happier life no matter how the stuff and situations might change […]

How to Turn up the Happiness in Your Life Forever

What if you had a volume knob that controlled the amount of happiness in your life? What if feeling happier in any situation was as easy as turning this volume knob from one position to the other? What if this happiness volume knob was bio metrically fit to work only if you were the one turning the knob? What if it worked no matter what else was happening in your […]

How to Change Your Life So It Will Last

Matter reacts to your WHY. Your WHY is the underlying assumption (or belief) that is behind an action that you take. It’s the underlying reason you are choosing to do it. Whether you are aware of the true reason you are doing something or not, the stuff in your life – the matter – will react to it and line up to support this assumption (this belief) being true. Matter […]

How to Make People Happy: Stop Trying to Make People Happy

Do you get frustrated trying to help people be happier in their lives? Do you find yourself giving your best advice over and over to people who never take it? Are you tired of hearing people talk about the same old problems again and again, and having the same conversations over and over? Have you given up on people because they just never seemed to want to get past the […]

The Amazing 3 Steps to Living a Life of Adventure

If you’re feeling like your life is less than an adventure and you’d like to add more excitement to it,it may be way simpler than booking a trip or jumping out of an airplane. Try out these 3 amazingly simple steps and discover the adventure that’s already in your life now. Step 1) Remember that your brain is creating your reality and thus how your life feels every day. The […]

Thought for the Day:

Unhappiness is a result of wanting the world to change so you can feel better about staying the same. Happiness is a result of accepting the world as it is and being willing to change how you are in it and what you choose to bring to it. -Andy

How the World is Controlled and What You Can Do About It

The human brain has developed a seemingly unquenchable addiction to certainty. If left on it’s own, it will always try to take the easiest and fastest route to any circumstance where you can feel certain, safe and secure. This is a dis function. The elite few who run the majority of the systems under which most human activity operates, also have this dis function. The only difference between them and […]

Live Solo Acoustic Video of the Song “Even When It’s Not Fair”

In preparation for the recording of CD #17 this past week I performed the 11new songs for the great people at Clark’s Bistro! Here’s an impromptu video of the song “Even When It’s Not Fair” taken by Julianna: I wrote this song for corporate seminars addressing some of the top issues with employees not being happy at work. This song is designed to help people shift from feeling stuck […]