Fear of Change is Fear of Not Being Happy

Many people grow up being afraid of making changes in their life because they’re afraid they won’t be happy once things change. But when they develop the skill of being happy regardless of their circumstances, they feel the confidence and freedom to experiment with their life and discover what else is possible without any fear to stop them or slow them down. They realize circumstances are not where happiness comes […]

Is Your Future Being Stolen Out from Under You? Find Out in 9 Questions.

The next time you find yourself reacting to, responding to, writing or talking about any of the following issues, consider taking a moment to ask yourself these questions to find out if your future is being stolen out from under you. Here are the issues: Anything regarding the election gun control Muslim terror The latest national security threat The latest viewpoint of what is or is not politically correct Here […]

How to Get “There”

What if our best life is unfolding every day? What if everything that is the absolute best thing for us is already attempting to enter our our experience every moment? What if the only thing keeping us from letting it all happen is us getting distracted from noticing it through our attention being sucked into our pre imagined story that is happening inside our heads about what we think should […]