New Song “Can’t Find Love (You Gotta Be It)” Acoustic Version

Here’s an acoustic¬† version of the new song ” Can’t Find Love (You Gotta Be It)”: Every day and every night it’s knocking at your door You shut your ears and close your eyes continue to ignore You walk into the world in search of all that you don’t have You hope and pray struggle and wait and never can feel glad Chorus Cause you can’t find love – you […]

The One Crucial Decision That Can Make or Break Your Happiness

At some point in our lives, we all have to make one crucial decision: Are we going to assume that we are in charge of how we feel and of our lives improving or not? Making this decision means the difference between being open to the possibility that what you want most can happen or always having doubt that it ever could. Making this decision means the difference between being […]

New Transformational Rock Song “Limitless Days”

Here’s an acoustic version of a new Transformational Rock song called “Limitless Days”: Gone are the days We used to live in fear Hoping for change to come Now it’s become so clear Every hour Regardless of what the news We let the sun shine on We take the chance to choose These are the limitless days These are the limitless Days With no expectations What we love most we […]

How to Know if You are Living in love or Living in Fear

Every day we make the choice to live in love or to live in fear. When we choose to live in love fully, we bring unconditional love to every part of our life. We don’t care about the outcome. When we choose to live in love fully, this choice automatically eliminates most of the possible things we could focus on, leaving only three things that we have to focus on: […]