Thought for the Day: Life’s Job is to Create Painful Situations

Life’s ultimate goal is for you to know yourself more fully. Life’s job is to create painful situations that you find challenging to accept. The purpose of these painful situations is to provide you with opportunities to know who you are beyond any thought about who you are. The purpose is to help you more easily stop investing your attention, time and energy in thoughts about who you are and […]

What if We are How We Want to Feel?

What if we are the energy we want to experience? In other words, what if we are how we most want to feel? What f anytime we don’t feel like ourselves, it is simply because a thought has gotten in the way? What if anytime we are not experiencing energy we want (anytime we are not feeling how we want), it is because the energy we want has become trapped […]

5 Steps to Total Bliss

What if total bliss is our natural state?   What if anytime we are not feeling total bliss it is because our attention has become focused away from this natural state, the feelings of total bliss, onto something that isn’t even real?   What if simply knowing that this is happening and having a way to notice and begin reversing it when it does, can help us more easily experience […]

Space for the Day: Are We the Canvas of Our Life?

What if the space in which everything that is happening right now is the ultimate canvas? What if we are the space in which everything that is happening right now? What if everything that is happening in that space is the paint, the brushes, the tools, etc: all the elements that go into the creation of the perfect piece of art that is our life being created each moment? What […]