Everything that happens is offering us the opportunity to: B – Be open to an even better possibility now L – Love what’s happening even more now I – Identify even more completeness in our life now S – Stay creating even better things now S- See an even better benefit to what’s happening now  

Thought for the Day:

The only thing that ever stops you from being happy is you wanting things to be different. Choose to not want things to be different more often and you will automatically be happier more often.

What is Your Purpose for Living?

We always have the choice of two main purposes for doing what we do: A) To attempt to complete the imaginary idea of “me” that only exists as thoughts in our head or B) To notice and act in alignment with what is actually true, beyond just the thoughts in our head. What is actually true can only be discovered each moment through noticing what’s happening now. Some words that […]

How Your Life is Already Perfect

Our brains have developed two main filters (the intrinsic and extrinsic neural networks) that cause us to sometimes perceive ourselves as not yet complete. When our attention is focused only on these two networks, most or all of our energy is focused on attempting to get circumstances to complete us by either avoiding any situation we think will not complete us or by getting to situations we think will. We […]