Thought for the Day

Our most valuable asset is our attention because it is the foundation on which everything we experience is built. Where we invest our attention has a greater impact on the quality of our life than any other investment.

Thought for the Day: What Doesn’t Change?

What Doesn’t Change? Stuff is how it is when it is that way until it isn’t. You are the energy in which all stuff is. Your ability to feel how you want (access the energy you want) does not depend in any way on stuff being or changing in a particular way because you ARE the energy. Your ability to feel however you want when you want only depends on […]

Tired From Trying To Figure Out What Will Happen?

Tired from trying to figure out what will happen? You are definitely not alone. Although it might feel like there’s way more stress than normal right now, what if there’s also an equally valuable opportunity for us because of the stress? Check out this idea and if you’re willing, try out the experiment at the end and see how much stress you might alleviate today. The unwillingness to be here […]