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Welcome to Living Music




The 5 Secret Steps That Fix Any Problem

By Andy Harrison

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EBook. Discover the root of every problem and the simple steps to solving any life issue.






How to Become Enlightened in 5 Minutes and Why Some People are @ssholes

By Andy Harrison


EBook. Short Coffee Table type ebook whimsically taking you to the core of enlightenment. Illustrations by E.J. Baeza







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Welcome to Make Money With Music



Andy Harrison has been a full time musician and music entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has been a full time performer, music teacher, radio and print media promoter, recording artist, music producer, songwriter, learning method developer, street team company owner, music lesson company developer and author of numerous music related books and programs.

He has founded and been president of over 14 successful music related businesses including record labels, the largest independent radio and print media music promotion company in the North West, performing groups, music production companies, music lesson businesses, web based music service companies, and music related information products. Andy is a huge fan of business automation and business system design.


AGA Music Store Partnership Program


Offer American Guitar Academy lessons through your music store.






AGA Licensing for Guitar Players


Coming Soon!!!




Learn everything you need to become an incredibly successful guitar teacher.




Music Teacher Survival Kit


Learn how to turn your music teaching into a hands free money making machine.






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Welcome to Learn Music



Andy Harrison is the founder and president of American Guitar Academy™, Portland Oregon’s largest guitar lesson company (and now world wide on line), and he is the developer of the American Guitar Academy Guitar Learning System, a guitar learning method that allows people to learn the guitar up to eight times faster than with traditional lessons. Andy is an avid fan of modern learning strategies, cutting edge advances in the neurosciences, quantum mechanics and more. His techniques and methods have helped thousands of people learn music more quickly, more effectively and with more excitement.


American Guitar Academy


Learn to play guitar with 1-on-1 private lessons anywhere in the world. Learn up to 8 times faster than with traditional teaching methods.







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Welcome to Get Music!


Andy Harrison is a nationally charted recording artist, singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist and music producer. His musical projects have ranged from Indie Pop to Trance Music for Hypnosis to Punk to Hard Rock to Country and more.


Andy Harrison

HARRISONAs a solo recording artist, Andy has released several CDs and has received airplay across the US and in Europe. Andy writes, arranges, performs and produces all of the tracks on his records and performs most of the instruments.  Andy performs solo or with his band, The Andy Harrison Band, and has been called a stellar performer and a superior entertainer. Visit to learn more.


DeepTrance Music features music written for hypnosis, meditation and trace induction. Andy has written music for hypnotherapists, NLP trainers and motivational speaker’s world wide. Visit to learn more.


The Unlistenables

UnlistenablesThe Unlistenables is a punk band that formed after guitarist Chris Sharron and bassist Andre Jehan hired Andy to teach them how to play their instruments and play in a band. Andy began playing drums, the three began writing songs and recording and the Unistenables were born. Visit to learn more.


Jeeter Jack Jimmy

jeeter-jack-jimmyJeeter Jack Jimmy is a distant cousin of Andy and likes to write country songs about…well you’ll just have to listen and find out.


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