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Song of the Day “Bridge Between Bliss”

Here’s the song I wrote today:


The Bridge Between Bliss

© Andy Harrison 2011


Maybe I think too much

Maybe I don’t let go

Maybe I feel too stressed

Maybe I just don’t know


Maybe I want too much

Or maybe not enough

Maybe I try too hard

Maybe it’s not that tough



I’m looking for answers

I’m looking for clues

The bridge between bliss

And all we do

Where I’m headed

And where I’ll get to

The bridge between bliss

And all we do


Maybe I’m frightened

Or just a little unsure

Maybe I hold back

Maybe I should give more


Maybe I’m damaged

And someone’s to blame

Maybe the questions

Keep me searching in vain



I’m looking for answers

I’m looking for clues

The bridge between bliss

And all we do

Where I’m headed

And where I’ll get to

The bridge between bliss

And all we do

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Happiness and Success

Happiness and Success

When you ask people what they want in life, two very common answers are happiness and success. Our brains being the busy little file clerks that they are, seem to want to break apart our experience of living and put it in nice little categories. Our brains then seem to love to attach some sort of meaning, a hierarchy of importance and then the fun part – a collection of emotions (chemical releases) to go with each category.

So in this spirit of creating meaning, importance levels and feelings, consider these definitions for happiness and success.

You’ve heard these definitions of happiness and success before:

 Happiness = Knowing yourself (you know- know thy self and all that)

 Success = Continual improvement (you know the upward spiral and all that)

 But what do those definitions really mean, and how can you get them closer to being actionable? Consider these additions as possible hyperlinks to these two definitions:

 Happiness = Experiencing yourself as the process of living itself and not as a static, separated collection of thoughts.

 For more on this go to my post:

 Success = Living between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns in every area of your life.

 For more on this go to my post:


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Song of the Day “Fan of People”

Fan of People

© 2011 Andy Harrison

In a shack in the back woods of Georgia

In the nineteen teens or so

He was born on the edge of midnight

As the moon hung orange and low

He was wrapped in a bag of burlap

His mama looked into his ancient eyes

The crickets and the lone wolf howling

Thought she heard a whisper in his cries


Gotta be a fan of people

And people will be a fan of me

Everyone is my neighbor

Obvious when you look and see

Looking out beyond my own skin

Helping you is helping me

Gotta be a fan of people

And people will be a fan of me

At 8 years old he saw a steel guitar

Behind the counter at the general store

He felt his chest burning from the inside

As he held it on his lap on the floor

The air filled with honeysuckle

As he laid his hands across the strings

His voice bellowed out like thunder

Taste of tears as he began to sing


Gotta be a fan of people

And people will be a fan of me

Everyone is my neighbor

Obvious when you look and see

Looking out beyond my own skin

Helping you is helping me

Gotta be a fan of people

And people will be a fan of me

In a gin joint off an old dirt road

The crowd was on the edge of insane

His guitar shook the walls like rapture

His voice felt like a hurricane

The air was full of smoke and spirit

The drinks full of sweat and gin

No need for a Sunday preacher

Paradise had already let them in


Gotta be a fan of people

And people will be a fan of me

Everyone is my neighbor

Obvious when you look and see

Looking out beyond my own skin

Helping you is helping me

Gotta be a fan of people

And people will be a fan of me

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Song of the Day “Soul Making a Sound”

Here’s the song I wrote today

Soul Making a Sound

© 2011 Andy Harrison

I’ve felt the breath of babies

And I’ve heard their newborn cries

I’ve touched their warm hearts beating

Seen the cosmos in their eyes

I’ve tasted all their victories

Smelled fear in their defeats

The time is coming quickly

For all to be complete


Nothing here can stop me

Nothing can slow me down

I’m here to change the future

I’m here to shake the ground

They call me revolution

But I’m just your soul making a sound

Nothing here can stop me

Nothing can slow me down

I’ve seen the mask of tyrants

Heard the plastic monologues

Felt the hunger pangs of poverty

Tasted fat of Judas hogs

I’ve smelled the cities burning

Watched the wars of ego rage

The time has never been so close

To break free from this cage


Nothing here can stop me

Nothing can slow me down

I’m here to change the future

I’m here to shake the ground

They call me revolution

But I’m just your soul making a sound

Nothing here can stop me

Nothing can slow me down

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Understanding Balance in 7 Bullet Points

So I’ve been struck with the tremendous gifts of learning through making mistakes recently. Here are a few things that have hit me today 

1) All life is governed by natural laws

 2) Balance in life is achieved by living between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns.

          A)  The law of atrophy means that things are either growing  or   deteriorating ; they are never static. That means that if you are not putting resources towards growing in an area of your life, that area  is deteriorating.

           B) The law of diminishing returns means that if you put too much of your resources into one area of your life, that area will also stop growing.

           C) So balance in living comes from putting  just the right amount of your  resources towards growing in each area of your life.

 3)  The natural resources everyone is born with to use in achieving balance in living are:

           A)  Time

           B)  Energy

           C)  Focus of attention

           D)  The ability to learn

 4)  Achieving balance in living is allocating the minimum amount of these resources needed, to live between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns in every area of life.

 5)  The 3 main areas of life to allocate resources to are:

            A) Health

                a) Physical

                b) Mental

                c) Emotional

                 d) Spiritual

           B) Abundance

                 a) Work

                 b) Investment

                 c) Anything you create

           C) Relationships

                  a) Family

                  b) Friends

                  c) Community

                  d)  World

          D)  If you feel that any area of your life is out of balance, it may be that you are either putting not enough of your resources to it or you  are putting too much. Also if one area is not getting enough of your resources, chances are you are giving too much to another. Simply by retweaking the amounts, you can get to balance.

 6) Man made systems and laws do not always follow the laws of nature and may pull us out of balance. Consistent focus on aligning all areas of life between the law of atrophy and the law of diminishing returns will bring us back to balance regardless of the changing of man made systems and laws.

           A) Take a look at how our current world systems might effect balance in the 3 main areas of living, by making it easy to put either not enough or too much of our resources in these areas:

                    a) Health

                    b) Abundance

                    c) Relationships

 7)  Balance is natural and we all have everything we need to achieve and maintain it.


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Join Me in the Creation of My 8th CD. 30 Day Campaign on Kick Starter.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know about  a new website I found called Kick Starter and about a project I just launched there.

Kick Starter is a site designed to bring creative projects and people interested in them together to build funding for the projects and to create value for everyone involved.

As you know, creating music has been a huge part of my life and is something I’ve continued to do simply because I love to do it.

I’ve found, as I think many people who pursue creative projects have, that the biggest challenge to getting those projects completed is often times just gathering the necessary funding.

I believe the Kick Starter model could be the beginning of a completely new and exciting paradigm in helping to create this funding and to also bring the people interested in those projects closer to the creative process.

I’ve just started a 30 day campaign on Kick Starter to help raise funding to complete my 8th CD. I am about 75% finished already and, if this campaign is successful, the project will be completed within a month.

If you are curious about this, I would love for you to check out the short video that I made with Asha and Given’s help and whacky ideas. The video and the Kick Starter page explain all the details about the project, how it works and the added value items offered to those who join in.

Some of the gifts offered are:

Your name on the front or back cover

Your picture on the front or back cover

Your voice mixed in a song on the CD

A song written for you

A special concert at your house

And a whole lot more

If you are interested in being a part of the project (simply by donating a minimum of $1), I am honored and grateful. Also if you are inspired to pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested (simply by forwarding this email), I am thanking you ahead of time.

You can see the video and this project’s Kick Starter page by going to:

This project will run through the month of October only and we must reach the goal amount of $3500 by then or none of the funding goes through.

Thanks so much for checking this out!

Love to you all,


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How Your Problems Are Your Greatest Opportunities

How Your Problems Are Your Greatest Opportunities

By Andy Harrison

 After going through some unforeseen challenges this week, I was struck by this insight today on the incredible value that’s hidden in problems.

 Let’s just pretending for a second that any time a challenge comes up in your life, 4 doors suddenly appear. So you as soon as you become aware of a problem, you suddenly see 4 doors that were not there before.

 Let’s just keep pretending that you have had lots of experience with problems in the past and you know that behind each of these doors is a better experience than anything that you’ve had so far.

 Door number 1 has a sign that reads “Now”. Door number 2 has a sign that reads “Soon”. Door number 3’s sign reads “Later”. And door number 4’s sign reads “All Time and Beyond”.

 So from your past experiences you know you can walk through the door marked “Now” and you will instantly feel better.

 You also know that you can walk through the door marked “Soon” and have a solution to the short term situation.

 Continuing, you know that if you walk through the door that reads “Later”, you will understand the underlying patterns that created your problem so that you can avoid similar problems in the future.

 Finally, you also know that if you walk through the door that reads “All Time and Beyond” you will suddenly have a brand new perspective on who “you” are and what the “problem” was. You will see that the problem itself never existed; that it was a byproduct of your belief in a false self concept. You had been seeing yourself as a static entity separated from the ever changing process off living itself and thus at the mercy of forces out of your control. You will see that the “you” you believed yourself to be also never existed. That the real “you” IS the process of living itself which is all-ways changing and that what you used to call problems are simply one small little point in this process.

 As you look at the 4 doors you can choose to walk through any one of them or you can choose to turn the other way and soon discover the doors are following you.

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1440 Minutes

Heres a poem I just wrote driving back from recording with the Unlistenables

1440 Minutes

Take a look at your day

Break it down to each minute

List the ones with the bad

And the not so bad in it

Now what’s the percentage?

How many bad minutes were there?

Compared to the not so bad

Don’t have to look further

To notice a fact

That can’t get much stranger

Our perception of life

Being skewed towards the danger

The news and the media

Obsessed with the bad

Seems to show we should believe

The world’s totally mad

But I bet the world’s

Not so different than me

The percentage of bad

Quite the same I believe

Cause everyone I know

Gets one thousand four hundred forty minutes

Of time each day

For stuff to be in it

And most of them usually

Have days like mine

With some bad

But with way more not so bad time

So next time you tune in

To your favorite news caster

Watch TV or a movie

About some calamitous disaster

Remember to look back

Over your day

If you go by the numbers

We’re doing more than O.K.

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2 Chances to Catch the Andy Harrison Band this Weekend:

2 Chances to Catch the Andy Harrison Band this weekend:

Friday Night at The Mad Greek Deli 7-10PM, Saturday evening at The Forest Grove Uncorked Festival 6-9PM

Mad Greek Deli 18450 NW West Union Rd,Portland, OR 97229-2119

The Forest Grove Uncorked Festival Main Street Downtown Forest Grove OR

$10 admission includes a free glass of wine

We’ll see you there!

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Andy Harrison Band Groupon This Tues and Wed June 28th and 29th!


Hi everyone. We want to let you know we have 2 very special concerts coming up at Vie de Boheme winery AND those shows will be featured on Groupon (the online coupon company) starting tomorrow. You will be able to purchase a half price Groupon for either or both of these concerts and get a free glass of wine with the deal. If you already get the Groupon emails, simply look through the daily deals on Tuesday June 28th or Wednesday June 29th and you’ll see the Andy Harrison Band Groupon which you can purchase right from that page.

If you don’t want to bother with Groupon, you can still come to either concert and purchase tickets at the door. There is limited capacity at Vie de Boheme so this is first come first serve. If you purchase a Groupon you are, of course, guaranteed to get in. Here are the specifics on the concerts:

When: Saturday July 2nd 9PM and Saturday July 30th 9PM

Where: Vie de Boheme winery, 1530 SE 7th Ave. Portland Oregon 97214, (503) 360-1233

We look forward to seeing you there!

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This Saturday May 14th Andy Harrison Band Live in Portland!

Just a reminder to join the Andy Harrison Band for a very special concert appearance on Saturday May 14th at 8PM in SE Portland. The concert will be held at:

Vie De Boheme Winery

1530 SE 7th Ave

Portland OR 97214


Check out their website at:

If you like incredible wine and a superb listening atmosphere, then this is your place!

This is our first “official” public concert with our new bass player Steve Adams and we’re excited to share some of our newest songs and older favorites with you.

There is a $7 cover which will go directly to the band members and our mixing engineer to continue the mixing for our 7th CD release.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Andy Harrison Band Live Sat May 14th 8PM in SE Portland

Join the Andy Harrison Band for a very special concert appearance on Saturday May 14th at 8PM in SE Portland. The concert will be held at:

Vie De Boheme Winery

1530 SE 7th Ave

Portland OR 97214


Check out their website at:

If you like incredible wine and a superb listening atmosphere, then this is your place!

This is our first “official” public concert with our new bass player Steve Adams and we’re excited to share some of our newest songs and older favorites with you.

There is a $7 cover which will go directly to the band members and our mixing engineer to continue the mixing for our 7th CD release.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone,

A quick reminder that the AHB is playing tonight at the Mad Greek!  It’s the 2nd Annual Twas the Night before the Night before Christmas Party.  Come on out and join in the fun!!  It starts at 6:00 pm and goes till 9:00 pm.  The address is 18450 N.W. West Union Road. 

Come enjoy a pre-holiday celebration with some great music, wonderful food, of course beverages and lots of great friends.  Hope to see you out there J


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Hello All!!

So sorry about the long spell of not posting, ran into some technical difficulties along with catching that nasty cold that’s been going around.   We are now back up and posting though and I will try to keep you informed. J    And now on to a new song, Andy heard this song in a dream and when he woke up he just couldn’t get it out of his noggin.  This is a rough draft of the song, but I can already tell that I’m really going to like it!!  Just click here and give it a listen

      Shine the Lights On Demo

Oh and hey get ready to mark your calendars, Andy Harrison will be playing at the Mad Greek (along with some other friends) at the “Twas the Night Before Christmas Party” which is December 23, 2010, from 6-9pm.  Should be a great night of amazing music, good food and lots of friends.  Hope to see you all there 🙂

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Ah another week has come and gone and I’m sure it’s been busy for all of us, including AHB (Andy Harrison Band). Andy’s been busy mixing up some new music with his “mixing Guru” Dean Baskerville. Dean has engineered for singers such as Sheryl Crow, Everclear, Modest Mouse, and many more. He mixed Andy’s Shine On CD and they just finished mixing this new song called Seriously. It’s great! So take a few minutes out of your busy & hectic day and give it a listen! Give it a click seriously

Wishing all a great weekend and upcoming week.Bye until next week 🙂


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Hey everyone!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Marcella. I first heard the Andy Harrison Band about a year and a half ago, and have been a fan ever since. Now I’m not some trained musician or astounding critic, but I know what music I like and what bands I truly enjoy watching.This band brings it all with great personality, being in touch with their audience, getting to know their fans, and of course have some truly amazing music of their own (Shine On is one of my favorites). Oh and they just got a new bass player, Steve Adams, and yup I heard him at the Mad Greek and I can honestly attest to what a great addition he is to the band. They sounded great and rocked the house. 🙂

Look for more posts from me, hopefully once a week, about places they are playing, new music/songs being written, info regarding the bands and even some videos from time to time. Bye for now and don’t forget, keep checking back in!!


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Andy Harrison Shows this Week

Here’s a list of upcoming shows happening this week. Hope to connect with you soon!

Tonight, Tuesday June 29th Solo Show from 9PM to 12AM: Schmizza Pub and Grub, 415 Southwest Montgomery Street Portland, OR 97201 

Saturday, July 3rd, The Andy Harrison Band in the morning till about 1PM: The Hillsboro Farmer’s Market, Hillsboro Civic Center  we’ll be playing before and after the parade.

Saturday, July 3rd, Solo Show, evening from 9 to 11PM: Insomnia Coffee House, 5389 W. Baseline Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97123

Sunday, July 4th, Andy Harrison Trio, morning from 10:30-1:30: The Orenco Station Market 1453 NE 61st Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124

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Andy Harrison Solo in Portland Tonight!

I’m doing a solo show tonight Tuesday June 22nd in Portland at Schmizza Pub and Grub from 9 to Midnight. Here’s the address:

415 Southwest Montgomery Street, Portland, OR 97201 (SW 4th and Montgomery St near PSU)

I’ll also be playing there every Tuesday for a while so come on down!

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Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

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What If…

Here are some random thoughts I had this morning:

What if…

Every ‘thing’ in the world exists to support energy. Every situation, every relationship, and every object all exists to support a type of energy. Different situations, relationships and objects support different types of energy. The type of energy determines the type of situation, relationship or object that arises in the world to support it.

If you desire different types of situations, relationships or objects in your life, change the type of energy you bring into the world. To bring the right type of energy into the world, you simply need to focus on (or pay attention to) it as often as possible.

You are already connected to the right type of energy through your desires. Your desires are the exact energy that, if brought into the world through your attention, will create or attract corresponding situations, relationships and objects that will support that energy.

Rather than focus on manifesting situations, relationships and objects, simply put your attention on the energy behind your desires. What does it feel like? The more you live with your attention on that energy, the more your life will change to support that energy.

No matter what the situation, you always have the choice to put your attention on the energy behind your desire. Then let life unfold from that energy. Allow the situations, relationships and objects to come and go, knowing that they are exactly right for the energy you are focusing on in the moment. 🙂


This was inspired by, among others,  John Overdurf’s Beyond Goals

For more info go to:

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New Shine On Video – Andy Harrison

Check out the new video for the song “Shine On” on YouTube. EJ Baeza ( the guitar player in the Andy Harrison Band) did an amazing job! Thanks EJ! He filmed my daughters and I playing and a few other shots last year and put this together. Let us know what you think!

Here’s the YouTube link: Shine On Video YouTube

Or cut and paste into your browser:

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Andy Harrison Band at The Mad Greek Deli Tonight! Friday March 12th 7-10PM.

Hi everyone!

The Andy Harrison Band will be playing at the Mad Greek Deli Tonight-Friday March 12th from 7 to 10PM. Here’s the Address:

The Mad Greek Deli
18450 NW west Union Road, Portland, Oregon 97229
Cost: You Must Have Fun!

We will be playing mostly originals including many songs from the upcoming CD and who knows what else? Bring the kids-this is an all ages venue. See you there!

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New Song “Switch”- The Andy Harrison Band Fine Tuning the Initial Arrangements Before Recording

Hey everyone,

The band has been busy tweaking the arrangements on songs for the new record before we start recording. Here’s a video from last nights rehearsal- we’re playing the new song “Switch”. Still have a bit to go on it, but check it out. We’re planning on laying down our first tracks this week or next week! Cheers!



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Andy Harrison Band this Friday at Pyzano’s 9PM

Come join the Andy Harrison Band at Pyzano’s in Aloha this Friday January 29th at 9PM. Here’s the address:

20255 SW TV Hwy,
Aloha, Oregon 97006

Cost is Free. This is a full band club show featuring some of our originals (including some brand new stuff for the upcoming record) and favorite covers. Bring your friends and favorite party attitude! See you there!

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2 Chances to Catch the Andy Harrison Band this Weekend

Choose your experience:

1) This Friday night crazy edge of the world bar show featuring our originals and diverse assortment of covers at:

1/15/2010 9:00 PM at The Rogue Brew Pub and Eatery
31500 Northwest Commercial Street,
North Plains, Oregon 97133-7101


2) Inspiring coffee house concert featuring many brand new songs from our upcoming CD at:

1/16/2010 9:00 PM at Insomnia Coffee
5389 W. Baseline Rd., Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Hope to see you there!

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The 3Cs and Our Changing World

The 3 Cs and Our Changing World

My youngest daughter Given was having a challenging time last night. She wanted to watch a TV episode online after it was time to be in bed and I told her no. Then something happened between her and her sister and she got mad and was having a less than easy time calming down. Through the process of attempting to help her get calmer, a few insights came to me that I wanted to share here.

In watching Given try to get what she wanted, I noticed a larger pattern of behavior and in the moment realized the importance of my staying present and introducing another option. The basic strategy she was using broke into these three steps:

1) Conceptualize: she had a mental idea of what she wanted that was different from what was.

2) Conceal and or Confuse: She was choosing not to tell me what was bothering her and was attempting to make me angry by throwing things around the room when I wasn’t looking.

3) Conquer: She was attempting to get what she wanted by having me change my position out of frustration.

The basic pattern she was using, I realized, was a universal approach that humans and human organizations have used to gain power and reach goals. I also was aware of the parent in me noticing the obvious downsides of this strategy and the need for my child to learn a different one. In the heat of the moment I introduced a new strategy, one that just seamed obvious once I said it. It broke into these three steps:

1) Connect with you True Feelings: Not just have a mental concept of what you want but be in touch with your emotions and body sensations in the moment.

2) Communicate: communicate openly and honestly your experience and desires.

3) Cooperate: synergize with others to gain what you want.

Of course I said it differently to Given who is 8. I woke around 4AM last night realizing that these basic strategies for humans creating change in the world were at the core of what appears to be massive global changes happening today. For centuries, the first strategy has been used by individuals, governments, private organizations, corporations, pioneers, etc. to create outer change, and for the most part, this strategy has worked for the parties using it. It appears that many of the massive current upheavals in society are due to strategy number one no longer working as well as it did. Examples of this are plentiful and seam to be growing in number over the past 10 years.

Whatever is going on with the overall state of human consciousness appears to have disrupted the ease with which 3C strategy (as I’m calling it) number one has operated for so long. One of the cool things about humans is that when a strategy no longer works, we can use a different one. Could it be that we are at a point where 3C strategy number two will start to produce better economic and political results than 3C strategy number one?

-Andy Harrison

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Come Join The Andy Harrison Band at The Mad Greek Deli This Wednesday Night at 7PM

Hi everyone! Come out at and join the Andy Harrison Band for a special Holiday music show at The Mad Greek Deli this Wednesday night from 7–10PM. The Med Greek Deli’s address is:

18450 NW west Union Road, Portland, Oregon 97229

This is an all ages event, bring the kids. We’ll be playing our originals, some brand new songs, some covers and some holiday treats! This is a FREE event. Happy Holidays!

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New Song “Sneaking Suspicion”- Andy Performing Solo to Get Songs Ready for Recording

I spent last week performing at Insomnia Coffee in Hillsboro to get the new songs ready for recording. I played solo every day during the lunch hour and it really helped to learn how to sing them, what keys to put them in and hone in on rewrites etc. It’s amazing to me how much more you learn about a new song when you perform them for an audience- there’s something about the communication process that seems to completes the writing cycle. Here’s a video of the new song “Sneaking Suspicion” taken by Erin the owner of Insomnia.


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The Andy Harrison Band Beginning the Arranging Process for the Upcoming Record

I’ve been writing a lot for the next record and there are about 10 songs so far that I’m feeling are “for sure” songs. For the past 16 years since I’ve been putting out records, I’ve always done all the arranging and performing of most or all of the instruments. This time I’m excited to work with the band on this part of the process.

I brought this one – “Bullet Proof” -to the full band this past Wednesday to see what we would come up with for arrangement ideas and I think it’s going to be really fun! This is us playing through the song for the 2nd time, but I think the basic ideas are pretty cool so far-check it out!


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Andy Harrison Band Live at Hillsboro Library Concert Series This Friday

Come join The Andy Harrison Band for a very special concert at the Hillsboro Main Library:

Hillsboro Main Library
2850 NE Brookwood Parkway,
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Admission is free and the show is from 7-8PM. We will be doing a special set of our slower tempo originals (it is the library!). We’d love to see you there!


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The Confidence Switch

I’ve been developing some trainings for our promotion department at American Guitar Academy using NLP, some ideas based on Quantum Physics research and a some other stuff. I’m posting a small piece of it here cause I think it’s really cool and it’s been a real practical way to handle state management for our promotion team that you can apply to pretty much any situation. We’ve also been using this in the Andy Harrison Band to engrain peak performance physiology. Let me know what you think!

The Confidence Switch

What if you had a switch, just like a light switch, that enabled you to turn on confidence in an instant anytime you wanted it? What if it was as simple, easy and consistent as turning on a light? If you had such a switch, how might it improve your life? When would you choose to use it?

Well guess what? You do have such a switch. You and everyone else were born with it and have carried it around for years probably without even knowing you had it. In fact you may have used it in reverse to turn off confidence at times when you really needed to be confident. So what is this switch?

Modern neurological research has discovered that our emotional states are produced by a combination of 2 main things: how we hold our bodies (our physiology) and the mental representations (or mental pictures) we choose to focus on. The one primary way we change our emotional states instantly is by changing our physiology or how we are holding our bodies. We have a specific physiology or way of holding our body that triggers every emotion that we experience. We have a sad, a mad, a happy, a disappointed, an excited and a confident, etc. physiology. As soon as we hold our body in any given physiology, we instantly feel the corresponding emotion. It works as quickly and effectively as turning on a light switch.

So if it’s so easy and reliable, why do so many people experience ongoing emotions that they don’t want? Great question, isn’t it?

One reason is that shifting your physiology hasn’t been a subject taught in most schools, so it’s not widely known. Another reason is that we have developed patterns in all 3 areas of the triangle; heart, mind and body. We have also misinterpreted these patterns to be who we are, our identities. For example, most people have developed a handful of emotional patterns, thought patterns and corresponding physiologies that all work together, and these patterns are experienced so often that they are mistakenly believed to be who we are.

Remember you are the space in which all emotions, thoughts and bodies exist. You are no patterns. You are the possibility of all patterns. So knowing this, why not choose to experience the feelings that you want to have rather than simply falling back into any old unwanted patterns that you may have unconsciously accumulated?

Try it

1) Walk up to your ES Trainer as if you are truly scared to meet them. Notice how you hold your body to produce these feelings.

2) Now walk up to your ES Trainer as if you are the King or Queen of the World – we’ll call this your peak state. Notice how you hold your body differently to produce these feelings. Pay particularly close attention to your upper body, shoulders and chest.

3) Repeat your peak state walk several times. How are feeling now?

The X Factor Principle

In AGA live coaching sessions, AGA coaches use the X factor principle to help AGA experts understand how physical skills are developed in playing the guitar. The X factor principle states that in order to master any skill, you simply need to do the following:

Repeat the position or motion correctly X number of times until it is memorized by the muscles.

The result of applying the X factor principle has also been called muscle memory or mastering a skill. This is exactly how you learned to do any physical activity in which you no longer need to think (use your mind) in order to do it. Everything from walking to tying your shoes to playing a musical instrument uses the same process; repeat the position or motion correctly X number of times until it is memorized by the muscles.

In AGA live coaching sessions, the AGA coaches use a coaching method called the X factor tool to take experts quickly through their X number of times to master skills on the guitar. This is one of the unique techniques used in the AGA method that speeds up the learning process dramatically. We usually recommend that an expert do 50 X factor repetitions in order to completely master a skill. This usually only takes 5 to 10 minutes of quick repetitions.

You can apply the X factor principle to developing any physical skill. Let’s apply it now to your Peak State physiology.

Flip the Switch

1) Get into what you call normal physiology

2) Snap quickly into your Peak State physiology

3) Now get into your “old” (what used to be normal) physiology

4) Now snap into your Peak State physiology

5) Repeat this switch 10 times

6) In blocks of 10, repeat the switch 4 more times for a total of 50 repetitions.

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The Andy Harrison Band in North Plains OR this Friday 9PM

Hey Everyone come join us (The Andy Harrison Band) at the Rogue Pub this Friday.

10/30/2009 9:00 PM at The Rogue Brew Pub & Eatery
31500 NW Commercial Street, North Plains, Oregon 97113
Cost: No Cover

We’ll be playing all your favorite Andy Harrison Band originals and covers. Come Join us for a night of great music, food and drink. You never know what surprises we’ll have in store. See you there!

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Andy Harrison Band Live at Pyzano’s in Aloha OR this Friday 9/25 pm

The Andy Harrison Band is performing at:

20255 SW TV Hwy, Aloha, Oregon 97006
9/25/2009 9:00 PM

Cost: Free

This is a club show featuring our originals, covers and who knows what else might happen? Come join us!

Also if you want to catch me (Andy) solo, I’ll be playing at the Orenco Station Market on Sunday from 11AM to 1PM.

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8 Step Lyric Writing Exercise

I’ve been developing an exercise to help me with improving lyrics and I wanted to post it here because I’ve been surprised by some of the results it’s produced so far. My intention was to get better at making the best choices during the songwriting process so that the lyrics would be the best they could be and that I wasn’t just settling for the first idea that fit. I found myself falling into patterns when I wrote and I wanted to find a way to easily find the best choices during the writing process and then repeat it enough so that it would be a natural part of the writing process.

I combined information from 3 songwriting books by Sheila Davis with NLP informational chunking and sequencing along with questions to arrive at the 8 steps. The idea is that you simply answer all the questions and at the end you have a solid framework for your lyrics before you get all the words you’ll end up with. Then you write the song. This may morph into something more down the line, but here they are so far. Let me know what you think!

1)How are you feeling? (every song is about one emotion)

2) What is the best phrase to use to sum up this feeling? (Make it memorable and original-this is your title)

3) What is the best plot type to use?  There are 3 options: 1) Attitudinal –straight out telling your feelings, 2) Situational – your feelings are framed within the context of a specific situation, or 3) Story – the lyrics tell a story about specific events and have a beginning middle and end.

What is the plot? (What is happening?)

4) What is the best time frame to use? (When is it happening?) Your choices are: 1) Past, 2) Present, 3) Future, or 4) Moving

5) What is the best setting to use? (Where is it happening?) Your choices are: 1) None, 2) A particular place, 3) An undefined ‘here”,  4) Scenes change, or 5) A moving vehicle

6) What is the best viewpoint to use? (Who is talking about whom?) Your choices are: 1) First person; “I” statements,2) Second person; “you” statements, 3) Third person; “he, she or they” statements or 4) Camera eye; as if viewed from a non personal perspective.

7) What is the best voice to use? Your choices are: 1) Thinking (are the words thoughts inside someone’s head?) or 2) Talking (are the words an actual conversation between 2 or more people?)

8) What are the best sensory details to include that would show it NOT tell it/explain it? You can include details from any or all of the 5 senses. This may be a good order to think of them in and maybe write them in moving from far to close contact:

1) What would be seen?

2) What would be heard?

3) What would be smelled?

4) What would be felt?

5) What would be tasted?

Using the American Guitar Academy X-Factor principle where you repeat a skill correctly 50 times to master it, my personal goal is to run these 8 steps and complete a set of lyrics 50 times. I’ve written 16 so far and the songs have been much different (and I think, better) than anything I’ve written in the past. If you try this out please let me know you’re experience and any suggestions or ideas. Thanks!

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John Overdurf and Andy Harrison at NLP Trainers Training Scottsdale AZ 2009

Here’s a video of my great friend John Overdurf and I performing at the Nero Energetics NLP Trainers Training this July. John is one of the world’s best NLP Master Trainers, author and inventor of many new life enhancement technologies, a good songwriter and musician and an all around incredible person. Enjoy!video_title

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The 5 Secret Steps that Fix Any Problem

Here’s a preview of the book and workbook I recently wrote “The 5 Secret Steps to Fixing Any Problem”. If you’re interested in reading more, you can visit:

To get a copy. Enjoy!


The 5 Secret Steps that Fix Any Problem

Andy Harrison


Forward 1

Chapter 1 – What is a problem? 4

Chapter 2 – What Makes Problems Big or Small? Identity Maps 6

Chapter 3 – How You Create the Biggest Problems 10

Chapter 4 – Beyond Problems 15

Chapter 5 – The 5 Steps 19

Chapter 6 – What Next? 25

The 5 Secret Steps Work Book 26

Section 1 – Questions 27

Section 2 – Answers 29

Section 3 – Seeing 31

Section 4 – Invitation 33

Additional Resources 39


It was a warm sunny day off the coast of Maine; a great day for a swim at the small non life-guarded beach. I was floating with two friends about a hundred yards from shore when we realized we were being drawn further out into the ocean. My heart started to jump as we tried unsuccessfully to move toward the beach. Over the next twenty minutes my friends and I struggled against the growing force of the water only to be pushed further and further away from the shoreline. My two friends were closer than I was and suddenly they both broke free of the oceans grip and began moving slowly towards the beach. I however, was still trapped fanatically fighting the waves and being taken further away. I could barely see the beach now and my thoughts were growing increasingly more frantic. What if I wasn’t able to break free of the tide? What if the ocean’s force continued to grow and I was taken unable to fight it any longer? My strength was wearing thin. I was having trouble breathing. The sun was going down at this point it dawned on me that this might be the end of my then nineteen year old life.

At that moment, I stopped. I stopped struggling against the tide and I stopped the flow of frantic thoughts moving through my head. I had the one thought “Well if these are my last few moments on this planet, how do I want to go out? Do I want to be in a state of complete panic and overwhelm fighting the forces of nature to the death, or is there another way I can live out the small number of minutes I may have left?” Suddenly a feeling of immense gratitude for my entire life filled me up. I spoke to the idea I had of a creator at the time and thanked him for my entire life. There was a complete feeling of peace, calm and love for the life that I had been given. The water, although choppy, seamed to be in complete harmony with the speckles of sunlight that danced on its surface. The billowy blue sky above me felt as it existed in perfect symmetry with the water and all the sounds around me. I could hear my own breathing and in that moment I truly loved all that my life had been.

In this state of peace, focusing only on the beauty of each second, my vision expanded. Suddenly I noticed a wider view of my surroundings. I noticed that I had floated down shore quite a bit and if I kept going, there was a stone jetty not too far away. My rescue plan was suddenly revealed. I would simply allow the tide to take me close enough to the jetty and when the time was right, I would move myself toward it, climb up on the rocks, making sure I was doing it between waves so as to not get slammed against the rocks, and then I would walk to safety. Within five minutes or so I was up on the jetty walking towards the beach feeling completely filled up with life.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had just been given a glimpse of an amazing life secret. It wasn’t until many years later that I learned how powerful this secret could be in everyday life.

It was several years after my near death experience. I was attending my first NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training and we were doing a parts integration exercise designed to help resolve inner conflicts. The exercise involved speaking directly to your unconscious mind and finding out what its highest intention was for having created an unwanted behavior pattern. At the end of the exercise, I had a profound insight. It was a feeling of overwhelming Eureka! I jumped up out of my chair and told John the trainer-“I got it, I got it!!! There is really only one issue in all of life! There is one key problem that if you were to solve this one problem, all the others would be solved as well!” John said “great! What is it?” That’s where I fell short. I said “Well, I’m not sure what the key problem is, but I know there is one.”

At that point I had had a profound insight. I knew in the core of me being that there was something significant to be learned. I just couldn’t find the right words to verbalize what this one key problem to all problems was. It wasn’t until years later and upon hearing many other people’s insights that words that point to this key problem were revealed to me.

This book was written to put words to these insights, to share what I have experienced in a way that may be of value to you. Words are only words and can never encompass the true essence of any “thing” that they describe. The best they can do is point in the direction of that essence so that someone can experience the essence beyond words. My hope is that the words I have chosen will be helpful when combined with your own insights and being in pointing you to experiences that will be of true and lasting value. Thanks or reading!

Chapter 1

What is a Problem?

Your gut hurts, you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in days, and your thoughts keep spinning around on the same scenarios. The voice in your head won’t be quiet, you can’t seem to relax and you can’t seem to get a clear idea of what to do next.

We all know what a problem feels like. And those feelings give us all a natural motivation to want to fix problems. But what actually is a problem? What are the underlying elements that create problems in the first place? How can we fix problems consistently?

To truly fix problems consistently, we have to know what problems are and what creates problems in the first place. With this knowledge we may then become aware of a way to deal with, manage, fix or avoid all together problems that comes up in life. This is the purpose of this book, to help you discover and make use of such a way.

First let’s look at what a problem is. In order for you to have a problem, three things must happen:

1) You must have an expectation and

2) You must perceive reality as different than your expectation

3) You must label your perception of reality as worse than your expectation

Let’s look at this assumption. Think about any problem that you or anyone has ever had and you will see that these three elements are always present. There may be other things present as well, but these three are always there.

You might say, “What about someone who is about to have a problem but does not know it yet? What about the person driving across a bridge that is about to give way? Isn’t this a problem without them perceiving reality as different from their expectation of getting across the bridge?” It is not a problem until it is a problem in the person’s mind.

Let me say this in a different way. It only gets labeled a problem in the person’s mind. It only becomes a problem once the person realizes he is not going to make it across the bridge and then labels that event as worse than his expectation of getting across the bridge. It is not a problem until the three elements are present, in this case:

1) The expectation of the person getting across the bridge and

2) The perception that they are not going to get across the bridge AND

3) The labeling of this event as worse than them getting across the bridge

The event does not become a problem for the person until these three elements are present. So for the purposes of this book, we will call a problem: Any event which you yourself call a problem. Your significant other may say that you have a problem, but we will focus on only those things that you call problems.

Chapter 2

What Makes Problems Big or Small?

Identity Maps

What is an expectation and why do we have them? An expectation is a judgment about the future. It is your brain creating a picture of how you think things will be at a particular time in the future. This function of our brains may have developed out of the need to plan for the future to ensure the survival of our species, and on a more fundamental level, we have expectations in order to maintain or achieve states.

For efficiency, our brains have created templates of prejudgments about our world. Most of us have developed a mental construction of who we believe ourselves to be. This mental construction, or map, has been created to answer one key question: what do I do next? In most people the identity map includes the physical body, past, current and future events associated with the body, key relationships, the person’s various roles, and the emotions which the person’s body has experienced most often: their identity states.

This mental construction operates just like a regular map. When you go to a new town and are attempting to find your way around, you may use a map to get from one place to the next more easily. Our identity maps work in exactly the same way only this map represents who we currently believe we are and exists only as mental images and sounds inside our brains and the emotions that accompany those images and sounds. It gives our attention a diagram of all the things we are including in our self concept.

We have attached key emotions to the various sections of our identity map. These mental / emotional connections have happened most of the time without us being aware of them. For instance, a person may have the idea of being a good father or mother as part of their identity map. The mental images and sounds of “good father or mother” stored in their brain then may be connected with a state of feeling proud or loved. So every time they think about being a good father or mother, the emotion of pride or love also gets fired off and they experience those feelings instantly upon having the thought. This works the same way for every section of a person’s identity map. Each role or identity image is connected with a specific identity state that accompanies it.

Identity maps are not real. They only exist in thought. They are simply fabricated mental images and memories of sounds stored in the brain. Identity states are also not real. They are simply bio chemical reactions in your body that have been wired by the environment to fire off when the images and sounds of the identity map are called up. Identity maps and identity states are used by most people so often that they are believed to be real. They are believed to be actually who the person is. When faced with a problem, most people do not question the validity of their identity maps. They may deliberate over answers provided by the map, but most people never question whether the map itself is real or not.

There is a hierarchy of states in each person which corresponds directly to how much of each state that person includes in their identity map. For example, a person might experience freedom as the number one state that corresponds to who they believe they are, then just under that they may associate fear or sadness, then just under that it may be love and so forth. Most people are not aware of their identity state list on a conscious level and it runs in the background.

Sometimes different parts of a person’s identity map compete with each other for a higher position. When this happens, the experience is similar to reading an unclear map. Your brain literally has trouble deciding what to do next.

The rank of a state on a person’s identity map and the degree to which that state is threatened by a particular event is the degree to which the event is perceived as a problem. In other words, if your highest identity state is threatened with total annihilation, then you’ll believe you’ve got a big problem. Conversely, if the state is low on your identity list and it is mildly being threatened, then you’ll perceive the issue as a small problem. It looks like this:

Identity State Rank


Degree of Threat


Size of Problem


I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people can view a situation as the worst problem ever, while someone else may think the same exact situation is no big deal. It is precisely because of how much each person’s identity states and to what degree their identity states are threatened that makes this is the case.

Back to our person driving across a failing bridge example: at the point where the person realizes he is not going to make it across the bridge, for it to become a problem, he must label the situation as worse than his expectation to make it across the bridge. If his top identity state was anguish and he had been planning to commit suicide, the degree of threat to his identity would be none at all and he would most likely perceive the event as better than his expectation to cross the bridge. In this case, the person would not have a problem at all where other people given similar circumstances would see it as a rather big problem.

The size of a problem is determined by the level of threat to the person’s identity states. Believing the identity map and identity states to be who you are is the one problem that creates every other problem in your life.

To read more, visit:

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The Unlistenables KUFO Summer of Rock Theme Song Entry

The local heavy metal/hard rock radio station KUFO here in Portland is having a contest this month for bands to create a theme song for their summer concert series “Summer of Rock”.

If you’d like to enter go to: for more info.

The Unlistenables decided to enter and this is what we came up with – inspired by Andre’s parrot, complete with impromptu video (that didn’t really line up with the track). Enjoy!

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American Guitar Academy Now Offers Live Guitar Lessons Online!

Here’s a video I just did for the new American Guitar Academy’s Live Online Lesson page. AGA has been giving online lessons for about a year now and we have just “officially” rolled out the program for everyone. Online lessons can be a great solution for learning the guitar and you can:

Learn from anywhere in the world (great if you travel)

Avoid travel time to and from lessons

Save on gas costs

Learn up to 8 times faster with the AGA method with a live AGA coach just like you would at a lesson studio, only now in the comfort of your home (or at the park or in a hotel room or at the Pyramids –you name it!)

If you want more info or want to enroll, you can go to:

Andy Harrison / American Guitar Academy

Learn Fast. Play Strong!

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The Unlistenables Brainstorming Lyrics for “Cat Fight” June 2009

In this video, the Unlistenables, Chris Sharron, Andre Jehan and Andy Harrison, are brainstorming lyrics for the new song “Cat Fight”. At this point the basic music tracks have been recorded, a basic melody is in place and the band is writing lyrics. It doesn’t always happen in this order but that’s the way “Cat Fight” is going.


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Welcome to Living Music




The 5 Secret Steps That Fix Any Problem

By Andy Harrison

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EBook. Discover the root of every problem and the simple steps to solving any life issue.






How to Become Enlightened in 5 Minutes and Why Some People are @ssholes

By Andy Harrison


EBook. Short Coffee Table type ebook whimsically taking you to the core of enlightenment. Illustrations by E.J. Baeza







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Welcome to Make Money With Music



Andy Harrison has been a full time musician and music entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has been a full time performer, music teacher, radio and print media promoter, recording artist, music producer, songwriter, learning method developer, street team company owner, music lesson company developer and author of numerous music related books and programs.

He has founded and been president of over 14 successful music related businesses including record labels, the largest independent radio and print media music promotion company in the North West, performing groups, music production companies, music lesson businesses, web based music service companies, and music related information products. Andy is a huge fan of business automation and business system design.


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Welcome to Learn Music



Andy Harrison is the founder and president of American Guitar Academy™, Portland Oregon’s largest guitar lesson company (and now world wide on line), and he is the developer of the American Guitar Academy Guitar Learning System, a guitar learning method that allows people to learn the guitar up to eight times faster than with traditional lessons. Andy is an avid fan of modern learning strategies, cutting edge advances in the neurosciences, quantum mechanics and more. His techniques and methods have helped thousands of people learn music more quickly, more effectively and with more excitement.


American Guitar Academy


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Welcome to Get Music!


Andy Harrison is a nationally charted recording artist, singer/songwriter, multi instrumentalist and music producer. His musical projects have ranged from Indie Pop to Trance Music for Hypnosis to Punk to Hard Rock to Country and more.


Andy Harrison

HARRISONAs a solo recording artist, Andy has released several CDs and has received airplay across the US and in Europe. Andy writes, arranges, performs and produces all of the tracks on his records and performs most of the instruments.  Andy performs solo or with his band, The Andy Harrison Band, and has been called a stellar performer and a superior entertainer. Visit to learn more.


DeepTrance Music features music written for hypnosis, meditation and trace induction. Andy has written music for hypnotherapists, NLP trainers and motivational speaker’s world wide. Visit to learn more.


The Unlistenables

UnlistenablesThe Unlistenables is a punk band that formed after guitarist Chris Sharron and bassist Andre Jehan hired Andy to teach them how to play their instruments and play in a band. Andy began playing drums, the three began writing songs and recording and the Unistenables were born. Visit to learn more.


Jeeter Jack Jimmy

jeeter-jack-jimmyJeeter Jack Jimmy is a distant cousin of Andy and likes to write country songs about…well you’ll just have to listen and find out.


To learn more about Andy Harrison, check out the Learn Music, Make Money with Music and Living Music pages on


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