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New Song “Switch”- The Andy Harrison Band Fine Tuning the Initial Arrangements Before Recording

Hey everyone,

The band has been busy tweaking the arrangements on songs for the new record before we start recording. Here’s a video from last nights rehearsal- we’re playing the new song “Switch”. Still have a bit to go on it, but check it out. We’re planning on laying down our first tracks this week or next week! Cheers!



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New Song “Sneaking Suspicion”- Andy Performing Solo to Get Songs Ready for Recording

I spent last week performing at Insomnia Coffee in Hillsboro to get the new songs ready for recording. I played solo every day during the lunch hour and it really helped to learn how to sing them, what keys to put them in and hone in on rewrites etc. It’s amazing to me how much more you learn about a new song when you perform them for an audience- there’s something about the communication process that seems to completes the writing cycle. Here’s a video of the new song “Sneaking Suspicion” taken by Erin the owner of Insomnia.


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The Andy Harrison Band Beginning the Arranging Process for the Upcoming Record

I’ve been writing a lot for the next record and there are about 10 songs so far that I’m feeling are “for sure” songs. For the past 16 years since I’ve been putting out records, I’ve always done all the arranging and performing of most or all of the instruments. This time I’m excited to work with the band on this part of the process.

I brought this one – “Bullet Proof” -to the full band this past Wednesday to see what we would come up with for arrangement ideas and I think it’s going to be really fun! This is us playing through the song for the 2nd time, but I think the basic ideas are pretty cool so far-check it out!


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Andy Harrison Band Live at Pyzano’s in Aloha OR this Friday 9/25 pm

The Andy Harrison Band is performing at:

20255 SW TV Hwy, Aloha, Oregon 97006
9/25/2009 9:00 PM

Cost: Free

This is a club show featuring our originals, covers and who knows what else might happen? Come join us!

Also if you want to catch me (Andy) solo, I’ll be playing at the Orenco Station Market on Sunday from 11AM to 1PM.

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8 Step Lyric Writing Exercise

I’ve been developing an exercise to help me with improving lyrics and I wanted to post it here because I’ve been surprised by some of the results it’s produced so far. My intention was to get better at making the best choices during the songwriting process so that the lyrics would be the best they could be and that I wasn’t just settling for the first idea that fit. I found myself falling into patterns when I wrote and I wanted to find a way to easily find the best choices during the writing process and then repeat it enough so that it would be a natural part of the writing process.

I combined information from 3 songwriting books by Sheila Davis with NLP informational chunking and sequencing along with questions to arrive at the 8 steps. The idea is that you simply answer all the questions and at the end you have a solid framework for your lyrics before you get all the words you’ll end up with. Then you write the song. This may morph into something more down the line, but here they are so far. Let me know what you think!

1)How are you feeling? (every song is about one emotion)

2) What is the best phrase to use to sum up this feeling? (Make it memorable and original-this is your title)

3) What is the best plot type to use?  There are 3 options: 1) Attitudinal –straight out telling your feelings, 2) Situational – your feelings are framed within the context of a specific situation, or 3) Story – the lyrics tell a story about specific events and have a beginning middle and end.

What is the plot? (What is happening?)

4) What is the best time frame to use? (When is it happening?) Your choices are: 1) Past, 2) Present, 3) Future, or 4) Moving

5) What is the best setting to use? (Where is it happening?) Your choices are: 1) None, 2) A particular place, 3) An undefined ‘here”,  4) Scenes change, or 5) A moving vehicle

6) What is the best viewpoint to use? (Who is talking about whom?) Your choices are: 1) First person; “I” statements,2) Second person; “you” statements, 3) Third person; “he, she or they” statements or 4) Camera eye; as if viewed from a non personal perspective.

7) What is the best voice to use? Your choices are: 1) Thinking (are the words thoughts inside someone’s head?) or 2) Talking (are the words an actual conversation between 2 or more people?)

8) What are the best sensory details to include that would show it NOT tell it/explain it? You can include details from any or all of the 5 senses. This may be a good order to think of them in and maybe write them in moving from far to close contact:

1) What would be seen?

2) What would be heard?

3) What would be smelled?

4) What would be felt?

5) What would be tasted?

Using the American Guitar Academy X-Factor principle where you repeat a skill correctly 50 times to master it, my personal goal is to run these 8 steps and complete a set of lyrics 50 times. I’ve written 16 so far and the songs have been much different (and I think, better) than anything I’ve written in the past. If you try this out please let me know you’re experience and any suggestions or ideas. Thanks!

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John Overdurf and Andy Harrison at NLP Trainers Training Scottsdale AZ 2009

Here’s a video of my great friend John Overdurf and I performing at the Nero Energetics NLP Trainers Training this July. John is one of the world’s best NLP Master Trainers, author and inventor of many new life enhancement technologies, a good songwriter and musician and an all around incredible person. Enjoy!video_title

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The Unlistenables KUFO Summer of Rock Theme Song Entry

The local heavy metal/hard rock radio station KUFO here in Portland is having a contest this month for bands to create a theme song for their summer concert series “Summer of Rock”.

If you’d like to enter go to: for more info.

The Unlistenables decided to enter and this is what we came up with – inspired by Andre’s parrot, complete with impromptu video (that didn’t really line up with the track). Enjoy!

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American Guitar Academy Now Offers Live Guitar Lessons Online!

Here’s a video I just did for the new American Guitar Academy’s Live Online Lesson page. AGA has been giving online lessons for about a year now and we have just “officially” rolled out the program for everyone. Online lessons can be a great solution for learning the guitar and you can:

Learn from anywhere in the world (great if you travel)

Avoid travel time to and from lessons

Save on gas costs

Learn up to 8 times faster with the AGA method with a live AGA coach just like you would at a lesson studio, only now in the comfort of your home (or at the park or in a hotel room or at the Pyramids –you name it!)

If you want more info or want to enroll, you can go to:

Andy Harrison / American Guitar Academy

Learn Fast. Play Strong!

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The Unlistenables Brainstorming Lyrics for “Cat Fight” June 2009

In this video, the Unlistenables, Chris Sharron, Andre Jehan and Andy Harrison, are brainstorming lyrics for the new song “Cat Fight”. At this point the basic music tracks have been recorded, a basic melody is in place and the band is writing lyrics. It doesn’t always happen in this order but that’s the way “Cat Fight” is going.


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