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Join Me in the Creation of My 8th CD. 30 Day Campaign on Kick Starter.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know about  a new website I found called Kick Starter and about a project I just launched there.

Kick Starter is a site designed to bring creative projects and people interested in them together to build funding for the projects and to create value for everyone involved.

As you know, creating music has been a huge part of my life and is something I’ve continued to do simply because I love to do it.

I’ve found, as I think many people who pursue creative projects have, that the biggest challenge to getting those projects completed is often times just gathering the necessary funding.

I believe the Kick Starter model could be the beginning of a completely new and exciting paradigm in helping to create this funding and to also bring the people interested in those projects closer to the creative process.

I’ve just started a 30 day campaign on Kick Starter to help raise funding to complete my 8th CD. I am about 75% finished already and, if this campaign is successful, the project will be completed within a month.

If you are curious about this, I would love for you to check out the short video that I made with Asha and Given’s help and whacky ideas. The video and the Kick Starter page explain all the details about the project, how it works and the added value items offered to those who join in.

Some of the gifts offered are:

Your name on the front or back cover

Your picture on the front or back cover

Your voice mixed in a song on the CD

A song written for you

A special concert at your house

And a whole lot more

If you are interested in being a part of the project (simply by donating a minimum of $1), I am honored and grateful. Also if you are inspired to pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested (simply by forwarding this email), I am thanking you ahead of time.

You can see the video and this project’s Kick Starter page by going to:

This project will run through the month of October only and we must reach the goal amount of $3500 by then or none of the funding goes through.

Thanks so much for checking this out!

Love to you all,


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Andy Harrison Band this Friday at Pyzano’s 9PM

Come join the Andy Harrison Band at Pyzano’s in Aloha this Friday January 29th at 9PM. Here’s the address:

20255 SW TV Hwy,
Aloha, Oregon 97006

Cost is Free. This is a full band club show featuring some of our originals (including some brand new stuff for the upcoming record) and favorite covers. Bring your friends and favorite party attitude! See you there!

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New Song “Sneaking Suspicion”- Andy Performing Solo to Get Songs Ready for Recording

I spent last week performing at Insomnia Coffee in Hillsboro to get the new songs ready for recording. I played solo every day during the lunch hour and it really helped to learn how to sing them, what keys to put them in and hone in on rewrites etc. It’s amazing to me how much more you learn about a new song when you perform them for an audience- there’s something about the communication process that seems to completes the writing cycle. Here’s a video of the new song “Sneaking Suspicion” taken by Erin the owner of Insomnia.


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Andy Harrison has been a full time musician and music entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has been a full time performer, music teacher, radio and print media promoter, recording artist, music producer, songwriter, learning method developer, street team company owner, music lesson company developer and author of numerous music related books and programs.

He has founded and been president of over 14 successful music related businesses including record labels, the largest independent radio and print media music promotion company in the North West, performing groups, music production companies, music lesson businesses, web based music service companies, and music related information products. Andy is a huge fan of business automation and business system design.


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