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The World's Leading Event Speaker Igniting Lasting Happiness Through Live Music


Powerful Music. Inspiring Message. Lasting Change.

The latest research is proving that increasing the levels of happiness among the people in your organization will have a direct positive impact on profits, productivity and retention.  Andy Harrison is the world's leading event speaker igniting lasting happiness through live music and breakthrough strategies and the leading artist in the field of Transformational Rock Music, the only rock music systematically designed to increase lasting happiness.

Get all the excitement of a rock concert from a national recording artist. Get all the inspiration of a leading speaker and happiness author.  Get all the lasting change of powerful strategies for happiness your audience will remember for decades.

Andy is also the author of the book "Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness".  He has written over 2000 songs, released 19 CDs, has had three songs nationally charted on radio stations, and brings his message and music to audiences across the U.S.


1) Powerful Music

Turn up your team's loyalty and retention. Your audience will hear Transformational Rock Music performed by Andy Harrison; the only rock music systematically designed to increase levels of lasting happiness. The music underscores the main points of the message and will help your audience remember and easily recall the content while having a blast learning it! Andy's music has been played on radio stations across the U.S. and has a wide appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The live music is performed solo by Andy or by Andy and his band "Andy Harrison and the Ambassadors of Possibility" depending on the best fit for your event. Hiring Andy for speaking without the live music portions is also an option. To learn more about Transformational Rock Music, click here

2) Inspiring Message

Turn up your team's productivity. Your audience will discover that happiness can be learned; that the latest scientific breakthroughs are revealing that we all have access to an unlimited amount of happiness in every moment. They'll also learn the simple, three step formula for growing  happier at work, in organizations, and in life. Based on the latest scientific studies,  the very best personal change techniques, and over 36 years of research, your audience will take away powerful tools to improve their levels of happiness, effectiveness and productivity now and far into the future.


3) Lasting Change

Turn up your team's unlimited potential. Your audience will learn a three step strategy to maximize daily happiness with an exact plan to implement powerful new habits into their lives to grow happier and more productive every day. The songs will help to inspire and stick the main points into long term memory and your audience will remember how to grow happy for decades to come!


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3) Turn Up Happiness at Your Event!


listen to clips of Transformational Rock Music by Andy Harrison here


Andy Harrison

Andy Harrison is the world's leading event speaker igniting lasting happiness through live music and is the author of the book "Grow Happy!"

Speaking Topics:

Life Balance
Personal Growth

Travels From:

Portland Oregon

Andy Harrison's key accomplishments include being the inventor and world's leading artist in the field of Transformational Rock Music, the only rock music systematically designed to increase lasting happiness,and being the author of the book "Grow Happy!". Andy has had 3 nationally charted singles on American radio stations, he has written over 2000 songs and is the author of 19 CDs, a multi instrumentalist, singer, recording artist, music performer, thought leader and speaker. His happiness strategies and entrepreneurial activities made him a self made retired millionaire at age 38.

Andy Harrison's presentations combine powerful speaking and heart felt stories with world class live performances of his Transformational Rock Music, complimented by audience participation and compelling audio-visuals. The songs integrate the content of his powerful message that we do have a choice about how much happiness we experience and he gives the audience five simple, powerful steps for moving from their current challenges to life beyond the limitations of their personal history and conditioning. Andy leaves them inspired and ignited, with strong new understandings and strategies to create ongoing, lasting happiness. The audiences remember and integrate these new empowering concepts long after the event, as the neuro-perfect lyrics and infectious melodies of his songs continue to help them grow happier during the event and far beyond.

Suggested Keynote Programs:

Thrive Happy! How to Be Happy and Thrive in Life

Work Happy! How to Be Happy and Thrive at Work and in Organizations

Lead Happy!  How to Be Happy and Thrive while Leading People


Additional Offerings:

Music Concert: Enhance your event with a live concert featuring Transformational Rock Music,  by Andy Harrison! We can accommodate almost any length of time or type of venue, big or small, with different combinations of Andy's band, "The Ambassadors of Possibility". Want music to fill time while adding tremendous value between activities or between other speakers? This option might be the perfect addition!

Grow Happy, Work Happy or Lead Happy 1/2 Day or Full Day workshops and team building events . Bring the full content of the Grow Happy Happiness solutions to your organization. Want your team or your entire organization to implement the latest happiness strategies into their daily routines and experience results immediately? We'll tailor a workshop with you to help you get the specific results you want most for your team or organization.


Here's what people are saying:

“Get ready for the most amazing change of your life!"

-Diane U. / Trauma Therapist and Success Coach for Olympic Gold Medalists

“The change happened instantly!"

-Judy S./ Hair Stylist

"I have had an amazing, life-changing experience... it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me!”

-Bede M. / Financial Analyst

"Jaw droppingly amazing!"

-Richard W. PHD / Neuroscientist


More About Andy Harrison

Andy Harrison is a nationally charted recording artist, entrepreneur and event speaker. He gives keynote presentations and concert workshops across the U.S., releases about 4 new music CDs and is the father of two amazing daughters.

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