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Transformational Rock Music

Rock Music that Helps You Turn Up the Happiness in Your Life Forever

What is Transformational Rock Music?

The latest research from the neurosciences is showing us that unhappiness is a result of our attention getting trapped in two neural networks in our brains called the intrinsic and extrinsic neural networks. Essentially, unhappiness happens as a result of our experience getting trapped in our imagined story of who we think we are, what we imagine everything else is, and the concepts of our past and our future.

Happiness is the result of our attention finding a way out of this story, beyond our brain's imagined limitations. Transformational Rock Music is designed to help listeners more easily find a way out whenever they choose to - while they are listening to the songs and for decades after. Using strategically written words and phrases combined with unforgettable melodies, Transformational Rock Music supplies listeners with new neural pathways, or "attention doorways" to more easily free their experience from the limitations of their story and move into experiencing the present moment to access greater happiness, greater choice, and more.

Andy Harrison is the inventor and world's leading artist in the field of Transformational Rock Music. Andy is also the author of the book "Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness" that outlines many of the principles used in Transformational Rock Music. He shares his music and message with individuals and audiences across the globe.