Transformational Rock

By Andy Harrison

Music that Empowers

Confidence, Happiness, Success

"A fantastic combination of music with a clear message to support me in feeling great about myself!"

-Julie D.

"Refreshing! Inspiring! Empowering!"

-Dan A.

"Jaw droppingly amazing!"

-Richard W. Neuroscientist

 Powerful Songs.

The Latest Neuroscience.

Lasting Change.

We are all born awesome. We are all born with a natural connection to unique greatness and the ability to create whatever amazing lives we want most or better.

Sometimes we forget. We forget we have this connection. We forget we are naturally great. We forget we are truly awesome and have the power to do and be what we desire most or even better.

Sometimes we fall into accepting the limiting ideas of others, the limitations of where ever we find ourselves or the limiting habits of our own thoughts and we forget just how amazing and truly powerful we are.

When we forget how powerful we are, it's easy to make less than great decisions, to overlook our best opportunities and to slip into feeling less than how we want. It's easy to start allowing a life that is less than it could be to start forming around us.

Remembering our natural connection to greatness and true power is the number one key to continuing lifelong happiness, success and creating the lives we most want to live or even better.

Transformational Rock Music is strategically written to help you remember how awesome you are. Using many of the latest advances in the neurosciences combined with powerful songwriting and music production techniques, Transformational Rock Music helps you stay focused on what will allow you to experience your natural connection to greatness and your highest levels of happiness and success; while you're listening to the songs and potentially for decades beyond.