Acoustic 6 CD

Andy’s 17th CD. Released in 2016.

Remnants CD

Andy’s 16th CD. Released in 2015. A collection of songs recorded over the past 10 years that didn’t make it onto a CD until now.

Thrive Happy Personal Change System – Video Workshop and Transformational Rock Package

Discover the latest breakthrough strategies to get what you want most now and be happy forever. Using the latest research in the neurosciences and proven step by step strategies discover how to triple your levels of happiness and experience the results you want most in life now. This package includes three workshop videos and Transformational Rock CDs: “Permission to Be Awesome”, “Demo-licious Volume 4”, “Solo Acoustic Volume 4” and the “Best of Transformational Rock CDs”.

Acoustic 5 CD

Andy’s 15th CD. Released in 2015

Demo-Licious Volume 4 CD

Andy’s 14th CD. Released in 2015

Permission to Be Awesome CD

Andy’s 13th CD. Released in 2014

Demo-Licious Volume 3 CD

Andy’s 12th CD. Released in 2014

“Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness” Book

Explore the 5 simple steps you can apply to any or every area of your personal life or organization to simultaneously experience maximum growth, productivity, creativity, excitement and happiness. Discover how to allow life’s uncertainty to become one of your biggest assets, turning every problem into the ultimate growth opportunity. Learn how to continue to grow in happiness, health, and profitability through all of life’s many unpredictable changes.

Solo Acoustic Volume 4 CD

Andy’s 11th CD. Released in 20134

Demo-Licious Volume 2 CD

Andy’s 10th CD. Released in 2013.

Solo Acoustic Volume 3 CD

Andy’s 9th CD. Released in 2013.

Demo-Licious Volume 1 CD

Andy’s 8th CD. Released in 2012.

Everything Is Changing Now Video Workshop

Video Workshop released in 2012. Breakthrough understandings and powerful step by step strategies to increase your happiness and connect to the results you want most in life now.

Solo Acoustic Volume 2 CD

Andy’s 7th CD. Released in 2011.

Shine On CD

Andy’s 6th CD. Released in 2010.

Sapphire CD

Andy’s 5th CD. Released in 2005.

Happy CD

Andy’s 4th CD. Released in 2003.

Solo Acoustic Volume 1 CD

Andy’s 3rd CD. Released in 2000.

Evolution CD

Andy’s 2nd CD. Released in 1998.

Butterflies and Demons CD

Andy’s 1st CD. released in 1996.