Songwriting Coaching

Let's Make Your Songs Even More Amazing!

Are you a songwriter who wants to make your songs as amazing as possible?

Do you want to be an even better songwriter and learn new ways to make your songwriting skills even more effortless, fun and productive?

Well now you can do this quickly and easily with Songwriting Coaching sessions with Andy Harrison!

In these super fun live coaching sessions over Skype, Andy will work with you to complete your songs, help you make them as amazing as possible and also show you new ways to streamline your songwriting skills to get your very best results with each new song you write.

We’ll start with a consultation to help you decide what you want help with the most, which song or songs you'd like to work on first and which songwriting skills, if any, you'd like to improve most. We can help with any part of the music creation process and also know how important it is for you to have all the creative freedom, control and expression of your unique artistic vision that you want. Our goal is to support you in realizing the very best version of your vision. We can help with any of the following:

*Generating song ideas

*Making lyrics the best they can be

*Writing the best melodies

*Choosing the best chords

*Keeping the entire process effortless and exciting

*Writing complete songs faster (in as little as 30 minutes)

*Arranging and production ideas

*Song evaluations and more

Once we come up with the perfect plan together, We will then work with you on completing your project.

Once the project is completed and approved by you, you will have complete songs ready to record, perform, licence, sell or anything else you'd like to do!

Why not indulge yourself right now? Unlike other Coaching sessions, with these sessions you pay by the completed song, not by the hour, so you know you will have a completed song after each session.

Andy Harrison has over 40 years of songwriting experience, has written over 2000 songs, and has taught songwriting for over 30 years. He has had three Nationally charted singles, written, recorded and produced over 20 albums and has worked with and learned from some amazing music producers and engineers who have worked with artists like Cheryl Crow, Prince, Madonna and more. Andy also ran the Nation's largest radio promotion firm exclusively for indie labels and worked with hundreds of radio stations and record labels choosing the best songs for radio airplay.

Choose your best option and book your sessions today!

Guaranteed Results: 1 Completed Song Per Session!

1 Coaching Session
Get 1 Song Completed
Per Session
5 Coaching Sessions
Get 5 Songs Completed
Per Session
10 Coaching Sessions
Get 10 Songs Completed
Per Session

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