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What If…

Here are some random thoughts I had this morning:

What if…

Every ‘thing’ in the world exists to support energy. Every situation, every relationship, and every object all exists to support a type of energy. Different situations, relationships and objects support different types of energy. The type of energy determines the type of situation, relationship or object that arises in the world to support it.

If you desire different types of situations, relationships or objects in your life, change the type of energy you bring into the world. To bring the right type of energy into the world, you simply need to focus on (or pay attention to) it as often as possible.

You are already connected to the right type of energy through your desires. Your desires are the exact energy that, if brought into the world through your attention, will create or attract corresponding situations, relationships and objects that will support that energy.

Rather than focus on manifesting situations, relationships and objects, simply put your attention on the energy behind your desires. What does it feel like? The more you live with your attention on that energy, the more your life will change to support that energy.

No matter what the situation, you always have the choice to put your attention on the energy behind your desire. Then let life unfold from that energy. Allow the situations, relationships and objects to come and go, knowing that they are exactly right for the energy you are focusing on in the moment. 🙂


This was inspired by, among others,  John Overdurf’s Beyond Goals

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