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The Two Magic Steps to Becoming an Expert at Anything

How would you like to discover the secret of becoming an expert at any skill?

How would you like to know how to master any musical instrument, any business skill, any communication or relationship skill, any sport, public speaking – literally anything you can imagine being great at in much less time and with much less effort than you imagined?

The next time you want to get really good or better at something, before you run onto the well worn path of thinking “I could never do that”, check out these two simple steps and imagine how you could start applying them in your life right now.

Understanding what these two steps are can speed up your learning curve on just about anything and can save you hours, years or decades of useless frustration if you apply them.

The two steps are:

Step 1: Eliminate all your choices…..except for the ones that work the absolute best.

And Step 2: Do enough correct repetitions of making only those choices that it become a habit. Often times this can take as little as 100 repetitions or less.

That’s it. It’s literally that simple. Think about this for a second. How does someone go from being unfit to being fit? Well first they eliminate all their choices that effect their health and only focus on the ones that get the best results.

They eliminate all the foods that put on extra weight (usually many of the starches and sugars) and eat only the foods that keep them healthy and fit (usually protein and veggies).

Then they eliminate the choices of activities that keep them unfit (maybe hours of sitting watching T.V. etc.) and they focus only on those activities that help them be more fit (like working out, and walking etc).

Then if they want to stay fit, they simply repeat making only those choices until it becomes a habit.

This formula works for any skill you can imagine. We all have at least one area of our lives where we’ve become a master at one skill using these two steps. What have you become an expert at in your life? Can you think back to the process you used to get there? Didn’t it really come down to these two steps, at least eventually?

I personally use these steps all the time to learn to play new musical instruments and to master new skills on the ones I already play. I’ve helped thousands of people apply this to learning the guitar over the years and personally watched it work for several hundred.

This can work for almost anything you can imagine wanting to get better at. Now with the internet, finding the information to take step one; discovering which choices work the absolute best, is easier than ever. Depending on what it is you are researching, it may be more or less challenging to find the right information, but more and more, there is so much great info out there, it can help you eliminate most of the choices you would have had to discover through hours of trial and error.

Then after you have discovered which choices to eliminate and which choices to keep, you can simply create a system and a schedule to get the repetitions done to turn it into a habit.

With new skills on a musical instrument, I usually do blocks of ten repetitions. Then, I create a sheet with ten empty cells on it and mark an “X” in one of the cells for each block of ten correct repetitions I complete. Once all ten cells have an “X” in them, that means I’ve completed 100 repetitions. It’s usually guaranteed that it has become a habit after 100 repetitions. Of course it may be more or less depending on the complexity of whatever it is you are wanting to get better at, but you get the idea.

In the keynote concert called “Grow Happy” that we are doing in different areas of the U.S.this year, I suggest to the audience that they can apply these two steps to developing the skill of bringing more happiness into their lives by eliminating all the choices about where they could focus their attention – all the million different things in the immediate environment and all the million potential thoughts running though their heads – and just for a moment, focus all their attention on how it feels to be in their body right now. Then, if they want to become an expert at bringing more happiness into their lives, they can by simply doing enough correct repetitions of making only that choice until it becomes a habit. Five minutes a day for ten days could do it!

If this idea seams exciting, try these two steps out and discover how they can help you speed up your learning and master the next thing you want to be better at.

What do you want to be an expert at next?


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