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Are you a Good Person or a Bad Person? Take this Simple Test to Find Out.

What does it mean to be a good person or a bad person?

In this time period with so many differing ideas about what this means being thrown around, I thought it might be useful to get back to basics and get super clear about what it means to be good or bad.

How would you like to be absolutely certain about whether you or someone else is behaving like a good person or a bad person?

Would this clarity be helpful?

What if being a good person or being a bad person can be defined by only one behavior?

Check out this simple definition and find out if it rings true with your experience:

A bad person is someone who tries to make someone else be less, under the delusion that they will be more because of it.

A good person is simply someone who doesn’t do that.

That’s it!

Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks!

– Andy

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