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Beginners Luck is not Luck it is Unfiltered Intention

Have you ever experienced what some people call beginner’s luck? If you’re like most people this has probably happened many times throughout your life;You do something (that involves some level of skill) you’ve never done before and get great results the first time and then for some reason after that you can’t seam to do it as well.

 What I think is happening is that during your first attempt at this new thing, you are operating outside of your self concept. You simply have not formulated any ideas about how this new action relates to who you are and thus you are not putting any limitations on the quality of the energy behind your actions. In other words, your intentions are pure and the results naturally follow.

 Then on the second third and fourth tries, you have had time to involve your self concept in the doing. Your ideas of who you are now come into the process of taking the action and these ideas alter the quality of the energy behind your intentions and actions. Because of this you get different results.

 Intentions are the energetic schematic for results.

 Your true intention behind an action sets up the energetic field in which all results from that action happen. No matter how much you attempt to change a certain result you are getting without changing the intention behind your actions you will always create the same result over time. You may get a different result momentarily, but over time your intentions will guarantee that your results stay the same.

 Your self concept (your idea of who “me” is) is the main filter that processes intentions. Your self concept also creates many built in intentions (that wouldn’t be there without your self concept) that guarantee you will get certain results. Simply by viewing yourself in a certain way, your self concept acts as an energy filter/processor and infuses your ideas and actions with the qualities that will create the results that you get.

 You have three basic options if you want to change the results you are getting:

1)     Involve other people who will add the energetic qualities necessary to create the result (because they have a different self concept and thus different intentions which will lead to different results)

2)     Change your self concept to one that supports the results you want to create

3)     Operate outside of your self concept all together. In other words, be who you are beyond any idea of who you are.

To find out how your self concept might be affecting your results, ask yourself: are you doing as a means to being or are you doing as a result of being?

Are you exercising to be healthy or are you exercising because that’s what healthy people do?

Are you working to be wealthy or are you working because that’s what wealthy people do?

Are you learning things to become smarter or are you learning things because that’s what smart people do?

Do you care for others so you can experience love or do you care for others because that’s what loving people do?

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