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Do You Ever Feel Sometimes Like Maybe You’re Missing Out? (the Secret to Running Your Brain for Maxi

Do you ever sometimes feel like maybe you’re missing out on some of the enjoyment of living as you’re going through your day?

Like maybe there are things that are going by unnoticed because maybe you are too caught up in the details?

Like maybe some really important opportunities or maybe just some small little things that could bring color and excitement to your experience are passing by you and you have just been too wrapped up in other things to realize it?

Do you ever worry about this?

If you’ve felt this way, chances are that it is happening AND maybe by learning one simple trick you could be certain that you won’t be missing out on the very best things ever.

My last blog post was about the skill of information chunking and how developing the skill to chunk down into the smallest details (to focus your attention on the smallest details of what you are putting your attention on) and then to quickly chunk up to the broadest view (to focus your attention on the broadest widest perspective and even up beyond all chunks to pure experience) can make a huge difference in both how effective you are in managing your circumstances AND in how happy you can be during the process.

You can read that post here:

If you want, try out this simple trick and see how it effects both your effectiveness and how you feel.

This test would work best when you are doing something that involves focusing on small details because you’ll have a drastic difference to the chunk levels you’ll be focusing on.

If you really like the results you get, this will work for any activity or just your normal day to day routines.

As you are doing this activity, you’ll be focusing on 2 things other than the actual tasks you’re performing:

1) You’ll be paying attention to your level of excitement- how excited you are feeling as you are doing each part of the task. Think of it as if you have a gage in front of you with 3 positions:

1) Not Excited at all 2) Medium Excitement 3) Totally Excited.

You are simply going to notice how excited you are feeling along the way.

2) You are going to also be paying attention to which chunk level you are focusing on at any given moment. What I mean by chunk level is how broad or small the level of detail you are focusing on is. For this exploration just think in terms of 3 levels:

1) Small Chunks. This is where you focus only on the small details of what you are doing.

2) Broad chunks. This is where you will focus on the broad perspective of how what you are doing fits into your whole life. Why you are doing it and what it means in relation to your whole life. You can think of it like stepping back for a quick second to view the situation in terms of your entire life.

3) Pure experience (up beyond all chunks). This is where you put all your attention only on what’s happening in the moment and not on any other thoughts in your head. One way to do this is to say the following phrase to yourself a few times:

“Notice yourself as the space in which all you are noticing is.”

Or you can simply bring all your attention to only how it feels to be in that moment right then. You’ll probably just be doing this for a few moments at a time.

So here’s how it works: As you are doing the activity, your goal is to keep your excitement level at Totally Excited. So you will always be checking in on your excitement level gage.

Any time your excitement level drops lower than Totally Excited, you are going to switch the chunk level you are focusing on until your excitement level goes back up to Totally Excited.

For example, if you are doing the laundry, and you are focusing on the small chunks of putting the right amount of soap in etc and you notice your excitement level drop below Totally Excited, you will then immediately chunk up to either broad chunks (like how doing the laundry and this experiment relates to your whole life) or to pure experience (focusing only on how it feels to be in that moment).

You’ll stay focused on that chunk level while you continue the activity until it feels more exciting to focus on a different chunk level and then you will shift your focus to that chunk level.

Continue this process until it doesn’t feel exciting!

You might find that while it might seam to take a little longer to do the task (in some cases) it was WAAAAAYYYY more fun. Or you might find it actually goes faster.

Also you might find that you become even more effective at the task as well.

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Love, Peace and All Possibilities,


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