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Double Your Happiness in 2 Minutes by Discovering These 7 Things:

1) Happiness is the result of your attention noticing the flowing of energy though your body’s energy field.

2) Unhappiness is the result of your brain pulling your attention away from your body’s energy field and focusing it on thoughts instead.

3) The reason your brain pulls your attention away from your energy field is because it has developed two separate neural networks that create a false division in your experience. The intrinsic and the extrinsic neural networks that your brain develops from the time you begin learning to talk, create a false experience of reality where you experience yourself as a separated form interacting with a gazillion other separate forms.

4) This false version of what is really happening causes your brain to constantly make two misinterpretations about reality that create all the thoughts that steal your attention from your natural happiness flowing through your energy field right now.

5) These two misinterpretations, or assumptions are:

A) I am limited in my ability to choose love (happiness or any other feeling) right now.

And B) Something other than me has power over my ability to choose love (happiness or any other feeling) right now.

Underneath every thought you have is the desire to change this version of reality. Take note of any thought that goes through your head and notice how it relates to one or both of these assumptions.

6) The good news is that this version of reality is already changed. It never really existed except as thoughts in your brain, We always have the ability to choose happiness simply by focusing our attention on the energy flowing through our energy field right now.

7) When we begin to question the two assumptions, we begin to free our attention from our brains’ false version of reality. To do that, try out these two questions the next time you feel less than happy:

A) “How am I assuming I can’t choose love (happiness or any other feeling) right now?”

And B) “How am I assuming this can prevent me from choosing love (happiness or any other feeling) right now?”


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