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Have More Fun: The Scientific Way to Accomplish More!

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Thought for the Day: Have More Fun – The Scientific Way to Accomplish More

If energy creates matter, then the higher the quality of energy used in creating matter, the higher the quality the matter will be.

In other words, if you are creating something – anything – a to do list, a new project, an experience with your significant other, building a house, any kind of art, rearranging a sock drawer – anything – the better energy you bring to the process of doing it, the better it will turn out.

This is what science is saying.

So why do we not think this way when scheduling our day, our week or our lives?

Maybe it’s because our cultural mindset is still recovering from the industrial revolution where the “most number of units produced” was the measuring stick for everything.

Maybe we’ve just grown up with the habit of measuring everything in terms of how much stuff we create, rather than measuring the quality of what we create.

If we made the quality of what we create the most important thing, no matter what it is – spending time with our kids, doing the dishes, making money, finishing that “really important” project, etc., then we would very soon be interested in the most effective and efficient ways to create the highest quality in whatever we do.

This would bring us to the scientific understanding that energy creates matter and the better the energy we bring to the process of creating anything, the better it will turn out.

If creating the highest quality became our number one goal and we knew that bringing the highest quality of energy to the process was the way to do it, then we would most likely schedule our lives in a much different way than we do now.

Instead of trying to cram getting 25 things done in a week with anxious, less than excited energy, we would schedule only what we could do while bringing the absolute highest quality of energy to everything that we put on our schedule.

We would also allow flexibility in adjusting the amount of things we get done (number of units) up or down at any time, to ensure that we maintain bringing the highest quality of energy to the process at all times.

Can you imagine scheduling your day, your week or your year making “you feeling absolutely excited, peaceful, happy and inspired” the number one goal instead of “how much” you get done?

Can you imagine building in total flexibility of being able to reschedule any event or deadline to ensure that you could maintain feeling at your absolute best during every step of every part of the process?

In my experience, every reason you could imagine not to schedule this way:

I might not get anything done

People will get mad

I have to eat

How will I know what to do?

And the list goes on

become quickly irrelevant when you experience this approach working multiple times better in every way than scheduling with the old approach.

At first, taking this approach might feel a little awkward because the old way of scheduling is so ingrained in both you and our culture. But when you step back and look at your results over a period of time, even when you evaluate your results using the old “number of units” method, you might find that scheduling your actions with “quality of energy” instead of “quantity of matter” as your main goal, beats the old way every time.


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