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How to Instantly Know Whether Something is Good or Bad in Your Life.

How do you know whether something that comes into your life is good or bad?

Remember those times in your life when what you thought at the time was the “worst” stuff turned out to actually be the best stuff because of what it allowed you to choose from then on once you realized it?

Remember also those times when what you thought was the “best stuff” turned out be the worst stuff until you decided to get over it and move on?

What if there was a way to instantly know how good or how bad something that shows up your life is so that you could know how much energy you want to invest in it right now? Would that be a useful thing to know?

What if one simple sentence could show you the answer no matter what the stuff is?

We often times think we have to know how the whole thing will turn out before we start investing any time and energy into something. We forget though, that how the whole thing will turn out is mostly determined by the energy that we keep choosing as the situation unfolds. It can turn out any number of ways depending on what kind of energy we keep choosing to be in while the situation unfolds.

Try this sentence out on some stuff in your life and discover whether or not you instantly know what to do next with regards to that stuff.

“Any stuff that shows up in your life is only as good or as bad as the energy you continue to choose.”


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