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How to Instantly Shift from Feeling Unhappy to Happy with Anything

What if shifting from feeling unhappy about something to feeling happy about it took only a few seconds?

What if once you learned how to do it, you could apply it to anything in your life you wanted to?

What in your day today would you make this shift with now?

Picture a volume knob in front of you easily within your reach.

Now imagine there being two positions on the volume knob, one to the far left and one to the far right.

Now picture the words “EXPECT WHAT ISN’T” written next to the far left position.

Now picture the words “DISCOVER WHAT IS” written next to the far right position.

This volume knob represents the two activities that we choose to bring to any moment. Whatever is happening, we can either expect something that isn’t there to be there or we are discover what actually is there, or, in most cases, we have a certain percentage of each of these happening at the same time.

Our level of happiness with anything is a direct result of how far to the left or how far to the right this volume knob is set with it any particular moment.

The farther to the left your volume knob is with something, the less happy you will be with it. The farther to the right it is, the more happy you will be with it.

In other words, with anything in your life, the more you are expecting what isn’t there to be there, the less happy you will be with it, and on the flip side, the more you are simply discovering what is there with no expectations, the happier you will be with it.

Try it out right now. Think of something you feel really happy about in your life right now. As you think about that thing, where would you say your volume knob is? Is it more towards expect what isn’t (are you expecting something to be there that isn’t there) or is it more towards discover what is (are you mostly just finding our what is there)?

Now think of something you feel less than happy about in your life. Where is your volume knob with this? Now as you think about this, imagine yourself turning the volume knob to the far right position – making the choice to no longer expect what isn’t there and instead choosing to simply discover more about what is there. How do you feel about this now?

What might happen if you reminded yourself about this volume knob the next time you catch yourself feeling less than happy with something and you experimented with turning it from one position to another?


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