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How to Make Fear your Biggest Ally

Any thought in your head that creates fear is intentionally the opposite of what's true for the purpose of helping you clarify what's you and what's yours.

Whatever your left brain says is wrong for the purpose of you learning the difference between right and wrong. Without it we would have no clue.

What you're afraid to loose IS what's you and what's yours. The message in your head telling you otherwise is the lie that's here to help you find all of what's you and all of what's best for you from now on.

Once you notice this, the fear has fulfilled it's purpose and can disappear.

The next time you feel fear or terror, try these three steps out and notice what happens:

Step 1: Notice the fear/terrror

Step 2: Realize it means "This (whatever your focusing on) is me and what's mine. The message telling me otherwise is just the lie helping me clarify it."

Another way to remember this is the phrase:

What I'm afraid to loose

Is what's me and what's mine.

The fear is just the lie

Only here to help it shine.

Step 3: Thank the fear for helping you and notice the fear subsiding

Step 4: Once the fear has subsided, ask yourself:

"What's the most exciting thing to do now?"

Notice how terror and fear are your biggest allies in being fully alive.

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