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Live Solo Acoustic Video of the Song “Even When It’s Not Fair”

In preparation for the recording of CD #17 this past week I performed the 11new songs for the great people at Clark’s Bistro!

Here’s an impromptu video of the song “Even When It’s Not Fair” taken by Julianna:

I wrote this song for corporate seminars addressing some of the top issues with employees not being happy at work. This song is designed to help people shift from feeling stuck in an unfair environment to a more empowered position of focusing on their own potential and growth no matter what.

Here are the lyrics:

I’ve put in so much here, myself and my time It’s hard when it’s not seen, not recognized I’ve waited for changes, I’ve bended my plans The least they could do is to understand

Chorus: How can I keep moving, moving ahead Finding the strength to care Giving my best here, giving my all Even when it’s not fair

How long can I stay here, how hard can it get Can I choose a feeling more than regret Widen my picture, a new point of view Look down from above it and know what to do


How can I keep moving, how can I keep moving ahead Feel myself growing, feel myself growing instead

Chorus Chorus

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