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I might be wrong, but if we take a step back from the world and look at it from a birds eye view, what seems to be wrong with the world is people thinking they can fix the world because the thought that they can fix the world presupposes that the world needs fixing and that they can know how to fix it and that thought gets in the way of them noticing how the world is already always perfect without them needing to do anything.

This thought causes them to take all kinds of action based on the assumptions that:

A) The world is less than perfect now and

B) They can somehow know what is better

Actions based on these two assumptions seem to continue to create circumstances that appear to be less than perfect to themselves and others because maybe these assumptions are less than accurate.

What might happen if we (you and me) decided to only take action to change things based on the assumption that the world and our life is always perfect as it is now without us having to do anything?

What might we discover motivates our actions when we assume this and what kind of circumstances could we create?

In other words, what if we stop trying to fix shit and start to fully pay attention to and enjoy the perfection that is already here now and just keep taking the next most exciting step?

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