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The Four Words that Could Change Your Life Forever

What if you had a button that you could press anytime you had a problem that would instantly dissolve the negative feelings you were feeling?

What if once you pushed this button, you also had a completely different perspective on the situation and instantly started getting better ideas about how to handle it?

What if the more times you pressed this button, the less problems ended up happening in the first place?

How cool would that be?

Well there might just be a button like this.

In my continuing research on how we can experience more happiness, I’ve been finding that any problem that anyone has, can be traced back to being caused by only one of four possible sentences. That’s right, sentences as in a series of words.

This one sentences represents one of four possible assumptions that every person’s brain holds onto starting from early in their lives. We all choose one of these four assumptions (or sentences) to hold onto and it becomes a defining force that helps to hold our identity in place (who our brain has decided we are) and THE defining force that is at the root of every circumstance that we experience as a problem.

Discovering what your one sentence is can be a powerful way to instantly recognize what is actually causing a problem when you have one.

When you recognize the actual cause of a problem, you are in a much more powerful position to fix it for now, and you are more able to keep additional problems from happening in the future.

If you’re excited to discover what your one sentence is, read through the following four sentences and get a feeling for which one feels like it is your brain’s favorite.

Here are the four possible sentences behind every problem:

I am not beautiful

I am not powerful

I am not lovable

I am not valuable

If you’re not sure about which one your brain uses, or if you are, the next time you experience a problem, try taking these three steps to hit the reset button on the situation:

Step 1) Ask yourself: “What am I focusing on now?”

Step 2) Ask yourself: “How am I assuming that this has the power to reveal that I am not beautiful, powerful, lovable or valuable now?” (choose the one word that feels right to you)

Step 3) Let go of the assumption that: “I am not beautiful, powerful, lovable or valuable” (again choose the one word that feels right) and allow yourself to FEEL the energy of being the source of all beauty, power, love or value (depending what your one sentence is) now.

Are you with me on this? Once you discover your brain’s one sentence, you can start to recognize that every situation or event that feels problematic to you is actually triggering this one sentence for you.

As potential problems arise, you can begin to notice how your one sentence is turning the circumstances into problems for you. You can then start hitting your reset button using the steps above, or any others you come up with, as soon as you start to feel bad or before your brain even has a chance to even use the sentence.

And just like every other skill you’ve ever gotten great at, repetition is the key!


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