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The System is Stealing Your Energy. Take it Back Now!

We have all grown up in a society in which the huge majority of people have been using a strategy for life that doesn’t work.

It’s as if the goal of life is to hammer in nails and there are 7 billion people walking around trying to accomplish this task with screwdrivers, wondering why it never seams to work.

This is all happening while a tiny percentage of humans have learned about hammers and have gotten so good at using them that they have nothing left to do now except hammer the final nails in the rest of our coffins unless we do something different.

So what is the strategy that we have been using that doesn’t work, and what is the strategy that does work?

The strategy for living that most people have been using is this:

Step 1: Believe that circumstances have the power to make you happy.

Step 2: Put your energy into existing systems no matter how bad you feel about the process.

Step 3: Hope to be happy sometime in the future after the system you are putting energy into creates the right circumstances for you.

Many people are now starting to notice some of the flaws in this strategy, namely:

1) Circumstances don’t seem to work to make you happy (at least not for very long).

2) It really sucks doing something that makes you feel bad or worse yet, creates a reason for you to stop feeling at all.

3) What if the system you are putting energy into doesn’t bring you the circumstances that you have believed it will?

So if this strategy doesn’t work then what strategy does work?

Try this out instead and see what happens:

Step 1: Believe that only you have the power to make yourself happy and that you can do this no matter what the circumstances may ever be.

Step 2: Put you energy into creating and improving your own systems. Design your systems allow the specific circumstances into your life that you want the most. (A system is simply a set of consciously chosen steps that produce a consistent result).

Step 3: You live happily each moment (because that’s step 1) while you improve your systems that continue to improve your circumstances.

Reality is constantly under construction. Grab a hammer!

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