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Thought for the Day:

Why Doesn’t this Work? What am I Doing Wrong? What am I Missing Here?

Scientists are now certain that at the core level, everything in life is simply constantly changing energy.

From an energy point of view there is no good or bad. There is no right or wrong, there is only flowing or not flowing. Flowing or stuck.

Any possibility you want to experience in life that you aren’t currently experiencing, must get to you from the process of life’s energy flowing.

Think of life simply as a huge river of flowing possibilities-always moving. You can experience any number of particular possibilities in your life as long as you allow the possibilities to keep flowing.

Think about it. Every time in your life where you felt excited and happy was a result of your allowing the flow of life to happen. Every time in your life when you felt less than great was a result of you somehow blocking the flow of possibilities.

You remember how the beginning of that relationship felt; so fresh, new and exhilarating. You remember when you first started that new job or that new business. It felt exciting because you were allowing the energy to keep flowing. Then over time what did you do? You fixated on certain possibilities and you tried to keep them from changing, right? You started to block the flow of life’s energy.

So what happened then? The relationship started to feel stagnant. The job started to get boring. The business stopped growing; and all because you were simply blocking the flow of new possibilities.

How does this happen? We are brought up to believe that life is static or at least can be. So the mantra has been: “work really hard to get what you want and then you will live happily ever after”. Or in other words, something outside yourself will make you happy and once you experience that possibility, then life can just stay that way and you will be happy forever.

In my humble opinion, this is the biggest load of bullshit infecting our planet today. Thinking in this way ensures that you will never be happy for very long. It also ensures that you will never continue to create successful results in your life.

Why? Because life doesn’t work like that. Life WILL keep moving regardless of what you want to hold onto, because that’s what it does. That’s the nature of reality. It can’t not keep moving except when you work really hard at stopping the flow and then you just end up with sore muscles, a stagnant relationship, a boring job or a failing business.

So what if it’s true that you can experience anything you want as long as you keep the flow going? If you knew this to be true, how would your day be different today? What would you focus on? What would you do? What would be one area of your life you would realize wants to start flowing again? What is one small thing you could do right now to feel excited about that area and get the energy flowing, knowing that it’s not about it being any particular way, it’s only about keeping the flow going?

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