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Thought for the Day: Magic Paints

Imagine you were learning how to use a new paint program on your computer.

Imagine that with this paint program, there were only 3 elements to it: the canvas, one paint brush and the paints, that was it – only 3 things.

Imagine that this paint program was different than any other because the paints were magic.

Imagine that whatever paint you decided to put on the canvas, that paint started to work with you to create the painting.

Whatever colors you chose and whatever way you put them on the canvas determined how the magic paint would react and begin developing the painting with you.

If you chose vibrant colors and applied them with beautiful loving strokes, the magic paint would begin developing the painting with more vibrant colors and beautiful loving strokes.

If you chose dark colors and applied them with angry jabs then the magic paint would add more of the same.

With each drop of paint you applied, the paint would begin developing the painting with you using your choices as the direction it would go.

If you decided you wanted to change the direction the painting was headed, all you had to do was start choosing different colors and apply them differently and the paint would begin reacting in the same way.

It would take a little time before the painting would look completely similar to the way you had in mind because the paint you had laid down before would still be there. But gradually as you continued to choose the different paint and kept applying it differently, the new paint would be the only paint showing.

Now Imagine there was a little picture that looked just like you on the canvas of the paint program on the screen of your computer.

Imagine that you had grown up your whole life thinking that you were this picture on the canvas of the paint program. Imagine you had lived your whole life believing that that little picture was you.

You looked out through the little eyes of the little picture on the canvas and you could only see what was right in front of the little picture’s eyes on the canvas. As far as you knew, you were that picture and nothing more than that picture.

You noticed that the paint on the canvas seamed to always be changing and sometimes it was paint that you liked and sometimes it was paint that you didn’t like.

Sometimes the paint almost covered you up and you got really scared that you might not be in the painting anymore.

Sometimes you caught glimpses of paint that looked really great that was somewhere else on the canvas and you started to try to figure out how you could get over there.

No matter what happened though, the little picture that looked just like you on the canvas of the paint program on the screen of your computer that you thought of as you never felt like it was completely there yet. It always felt like something was missing from the picture. The painting never felt very satisfying for very long. The little picture always felt at the mercy of whatever paint was suddenly appearing on the canvas.

Now imagine that the little picture suddenly felt it’s perspective shift and all of a sudden you were you again looking through your own eyes at the canvas of the paint program on the screen of your computer.

You could see the little picture of you on there and anytime you wanted, you could look through his or her little eyes for a different perspective if you wanted.

You could also shift back to seeing through your own eyes and seeing the whole canvas and even the computer and even the room the computer was in.

From this perspective you could work with the magic paints to begin changing the picture anyway you chose to because you knew about the 3 elements of the program.

You knew how the canvas, one paint brush, and the magic paints all worked together to create the painting.

For fun you might want to explore using this analogy by thinking of the 3 elements here as metaphors for:

The canvas = All the stuff that appears in your life

The paint brush = Your choice of what energy you bring into your life

The magic paints = All possible energy that you always have access to by bringing your attention back to how it feels to be here right now.


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