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Thought for the Day: What Does it Really Mean to be Free Anyway?

Please use the following definitions of these terms for clarity in the post:

“Stuff” = thoughts, actions or things

“Energy” = the energy that all “Stuff” is made of that can be experienced through noticing how you are feeling at any moment

True freedom is the realization that we are not “Stuff” experiencing “Energy” because of other “Stuff”, but that we are ALL POSSIBLE “Energy” experiencing “Stuff” because of the specific “Energy” we are choosing to experience now.

When we realize this, we understand the cause and effect of any possibility. In other words, we can observe what really creates matter. In even other words, we can see what really matters.

We can also see that “Stuff” is here to help us come to this realization.

The worse “Stuff” appears to be, the more likely it is that we will realize true freedom because believing that we are “Stuff” becomes more and more painful and less and less reliable as a source of any relief from suffering.

The unprecedented actions being taken by some humans that from one point of view can appear will only result in the complete destruction of humanity and the planet, may in fact result in the opposite effect by leaving us no choice but to realize true freedom and begin to recreate the systems in our world with a full experience of truly being free and a true understanding of what really matters.

– Andy

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