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Thought for the Day – Your Job As a Human Is:

Your job as a human is:

To bring the energy of your choice to every situation.

When we realize this, we can more easily let go of the idea that our role as a human is to get energy from situations.

When we no longer approach situations with the expectation of getting energy from them and instead we focus on bringing the energy we want to each moment, the whole dynamic of life changes.

The situations that arise that used to be experienced as struggles or problems become opportunities to become better at your job – useful challenges. You no longer view these situations as threats to what you thought was your source of energy, because you realize your source of energy is simply you deciding to choose the energy you want no matter what happens; you realize accessing your source of energy is you doing your job.

The situations that used to be experienced as great moments can now be enjoyed even more deeply because you no longer worry whether or not you will loose them sometime in the future; you don’t view them as a source of energy you can save up to extract sometime later. You realize the point of these moments isn’t for you to keep them from changing, but instead for you to enjoy them completely right now while they are happening.

You realize the energy you need is always available and the process of living, no matter how it is showing up, is always helping you access it more fully.


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