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Want a Part Time Job Helping the World Be a Happier Place? Apply Here!

Hi Everyone!

As you might know, I have been doing music and speaking events around the idea about how we can choose more happiness in our lives at a growing number of places.

So I am now looking for a great person for the position that ‘m calling World Happiness Opportunity Opener (or W.H.O.O.! For short.)

The job is a work from home position that includes making phone calls to possible event locations to make sure we have the right contact info, sending them a pre created email and then following up to find out their level of interest in booking an event. You will then forward each event coordinator who is interested , to me to work out the details with them. There is no selling involved. The pay is hourly plus commissions on each event we book.

I’m excited to find a person who is friendly, positive and interested in helping the world be happier. Some customer service and phone experience is a plus.

I’d like to do an initial trial period of about a month with minimal hours, and then possibly increase the hours once we both know it’s a great fit.

If this sounds exciting to you, please email me back with any questions you have and your top three reasons for being excited about this to: and please put the word WHOO! in the subject line.



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