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What if you could choose everything that happens in your life?

What if you could choose everything that happens in your life?

Would things be different than they are now, and if so how?

What if we actually ARE choosing everything that happens in our life already and we simply haven’t noticed that it has been happening all along?

What if we just never considered that we could choose what happens and so we have been living as if that isn’t happening?

What if no one ever told us that we have this ability and so we have not been aware that we have been choosing everything that happens all along and what if they way things are now in our life is just a reflection of as good as things can get without us being aware that this is how life is actually operating?

What if it has been like we have been behind the wheel of a moving car but no one ever told us we were the driver, so we have been accepting wherever the car takes us as “just the way it is”?

How might it feel to consider yourself as the driver?

What if we experimented with this and begin to explore what could happen if we considered the possibility that we already are choosing everything that happens in our life now?

What would we focus on then?

How might life feel different?

How might we define ourselves differently?

What would we do that we’re not doing now?

How would we react differently to what happens?

Here are five questions that might be exciting to ask yourself whenever you “forget” you are choosing:

What possibilities am I choosing to notice now?

What energy am I choosing to feel now?

How am I choosing to define myself now?

What conditions am I choosing to create now?

What benefits am I choosing to experience now?

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