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What’s Wrong with the World and What You Can Do About it: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Discover the problem.

If our assumptions are our main tools in creating what we experience, then all human problems could be a result of people assuming something less than these three things:

I am always important

All others are always important too

There is always enough for everyone

Think about any man made problem, current or past, and notice how the lack of one or several of these assumptions most likely went into creating the problem.

Step 2: Discover what you may be assuming instead of the three assumptions in Step 1.

Unless you are experiencing nothing but effortless excitement in every moment, chances are you may be hanging onto assumptions that are actively creating events and circumstances that are less than what you want. If we teach people how to treat us and we tell life what’s possible for us or not, then whatever we are assuming about ourselves, other people and life itself has a huge effect on what happens in our lives. The three main assumptions that act as the main control knobs on your experience are one about you, one about others, and one about life itself. Whatever they are, your brain is filling in the blank to these three statements:

“I am always _________.

“Other people always are or do_____________.”

“Life/ the world/ or there is always __________.”

Once you discover your three assumptions you can find out how they might be different than the three listed in step 1.

Step 3: Free yourself and do what works better

Once you discover your three assumptions that may be creating a world that is less than what you want, you get the choice whether you want to keep them or let them go and experiment with what might work better instead.

Imagine how you might feel different if you always knew in every situation that you are always important. Imagine how it might feel different to deal with others if you always experienced other people with the knowing that they are always important too no matter who they were. Imagine how it might feel different to begin looking for solutions to challenges with the knowing that there is always enough for everyone no matter how bleak the current situation might seem. How could this change your experience?

For a more detailed way to discover your three assumptions, you can check out this post:


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