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The World's Leading Artist in the Field of Transformational Rock Music


Andy Harrison is the world's leading artist in the field of Transformational Rock - music strategically written to empower people to live their bliss. He has released 20 albums, had 3 nationally charted singles, is the author of the books "Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness" and "Random Thoughts 1" and shares his music, message and creation process with people around the globe. 

Working daily with his the help of his internet community, he explores and improves new transformational concepts, writes new songs, records, produces and releases new music and creates new books, videos and more. Become part of the creation process by joining Andy on your favorite social media platforms to receive all the latest content and vote on your favorite new ideas and songs. Together we ARE making the world better one choice and one song at a time!

Read my story:


Andy was born in 1967 and grew up in Lancaster Pennsylvania in a house filled with music. His father was a professor of music, orchestra conductor and concert pianist and his mother was a church organist and choir director. His early years were spent attending every orchestra concert, college recital, choir rehearsal and church service that his parents were involved in and by age six he began learning the piano and singing in his mother's choir. He always felt a passion for music but it wasn't until he chose to begin learning the guitar, against the wishes of his father, at age eleven that he discovered his true calling.

When Andy was 11, while sitting in his tiny attic bedroom playing the first few chords he had just learned on the families classical guitar, he had an experience that altered the course of the rest of his life. As he played each chord, he noticed that he was hearing a melody and words being sung along to them as loud and as clear as if he was listening to the radio. As he continued to play each chord, the melody and words continued over the next few minutes until he realized he had "discovered" a completed brand new original song. What was curious to him was that he wasn't writing the song, he was hearing an already completed song that had not yet been written and he quickly began to write it down so he could remember it later.


What was even more curious to him was that during the experience, he felt more energized, awake and completely alive than he had ever felt in his entire life. It was as if he had been transported to an amazing place where any and everything was possible. Colors were more vibrant and seamed to crackle with aliveness. He felt an ever present energy moving through and around him connecting him with everything. It felt as if he were, as they say, "one" with all of creation simply being the vehicle to discover and write down this new song. This same experience happened over and over again each time he sat down to play the guitar, each time resulting in a brand new discovered song. The experience felt so drastically different and thousands of times better than ever moment of every other part of every day. He was in total bliss during these moments and he wondered why he didn't feel that way all the time. He wondered if this experience was dependant on playing the guitar or if it could happen with other things also. 

As time progressed, this experience left Andy with a few burning questions that would become his life's mission. The questions were: Is happiness dependant on our circumstances or not? And if not, is there a set of principles or actions we can take that will allow us to be at our happiest no matter what our circumstances are or how they might change? And if so, what are they? His mission became to discover the very best answers these questions and to find the best ways to share what he found with others in order to help bring as much bliss into the world as possible.

This mission so far has lead Andy to write over 2000 songs, learn how to play multiple instruments, record, arrange, mix and produce 20 albums of music, invent Transformational Rock Music, study hundreds of spiritual systems and change technologies, write the books "Grow Happy! The 5 Transforming Steps of Lasting Happiness" and "Random Thoughts 1" and share his entire discovery and creation process on the internet with the growing community of people that now share in and help with the latest transformative concepts and newest music. 


Join Andy on social media to get daily updates of the latest concepts, songs, recordings, events and more. Vote on which ideas and songs you like best and share your thoughts and ideas. Every like and comment is considered, appreciated and helps in the discovery of which ideas, songs and events are most valuable to help bring more bliss into the world. Get notified about and join Andy for special events. Together we are making the world better one idea, one song and one connection at a time.


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