"Living happier is remembering to focus on what gives you access to happiness. Transformational Rock Music provides powerful reminders for you in a way that  is fun, shareable with others, and can last for years or even decades."
-Andy Harrison

"A fantastic combination of music with a clear message to support me in feeling great about lifts my spirit and gives me fresh ideas for my life to grow!"

-June D.

"Like a life skills lesson set to music!"

-Dan A. / School Teacher

"Jaw droppingly amazing!"

-Richard B. / Neuroscientist

ALBUM //The Definer of Circumstance

ALBUM //Remnants

ALBUM //Anybody's Universe

ALBUM //Permission to Be Awesome

ALBUM //Remnants

ALBUM //Shine On

ALBUM //Demo-licious Volume 4

ALBUM //Demo-licious Volume 3

ALBUM //Demo-licious Volume 2

ALBUM //Demo-licious Volume 1

ALBUM //Acoustic 6

ALBUM //Acoustic 5

ALBUM //Solo Acoustic Volume 4

ALBUM //Solo Acoustic Volume 3

ALBUM //Solo Acoustic Volume 2

ALBUM //Solo Acoustic Volume 1

ALBUM //Sapphire

ALBUM //Happy

ALBUM //Evolution

ALBUM //Butterflies and Demons