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1440 Minutes

Heres a poem I just wrote driving back from recording with the Unlistenables

1440 Minutes

Take a look at your day

Break it down to each minute

List the ones with the bad

And the not so bad in it

Now what’s the percentage?

How many bad minutes were there?

Compared to the not so bad

Don’t have to look further

To notice a fact

That can’t get much stranger

Our perception of life

Being skewed towards the danger

The news and the media

Obsessed with the bad

Seems to show we should believe

The world’s totally mad

But I bet the world’s

Not so different than me

The percentage of bad

Quite the same I believe

Cause everyone I know

Gets one thousand four hundred forty minutes

Of time each day

For stuff to be in it

And most of them usually

Have days like mine

With some bad

But with way more not so bad time

So next time you tune in

To your favorite news caster

Watch TV or a movie

About some calamitous disaster

Remember to look back

Over your day

If you go by the numbers

We’re doing more than O.K.

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