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5 Steps to Total Bliss

What if total bliss is our natural state?

What if anytime we are not feeling total bliss it is because our attention has become focused away from this natural state, the feelings of total bliss, onto something that isn’t even real?

What if simply knowing that this is happening and having a way to notice and begin reversing it when it does, can help us more easily experience this natural state more often?

Here’s a new change pattern I’m working on to help reconnect with our natural state of total bliss anytime we’re not “feeling it”.

If this seems exciting, the next time you are feeling less than total bliss, try out the following five steps and start beginning to reverse the habit of focusing your attention away from your natural state and more permanently reconnect to total bliss. Ask yourself each question, notice the answers you get and how you feel at the end.

1. “How am I resisting total bliss right now?”

      Feel the resistance in your body. It might feel like a tightness or constriction.

2. “What thoughts am I focusing on instead?”

      Notice the who, what, where, when and why of the scenario being played out in your thoughts.

3. “What or who am I assuming has the power to determine if I am good or not in this situation?”

      Notice the specifics of how you have given over your power to decide whether you are good or not to something or someone in this              situation. 

    “Is this really true? Does it or do they really have that ability, or have I simply given it over to them in my mind?”

4. “How is it feeling to let go of this assumption and know this or they can’t determine whether I am good or not?”

Let yourself feel all the feelings of what it would feel like to be absolutely certain this or they can’t determine whether you are good or not.

5. “What could I decide right now that would make sure I never let a situation like this feel less than total bliss?

      Notice what ideas come to mind and what decision(s) you might now want to make.


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